Anna Rovera bags, from family heritage to working with passion

Anna Rovera explains that she grew up surrounded by threads and needles. “My grandmother used to work as a seamstress, and since I was young, I absorbed her creativity,” she says. Creativity nurtured more by taking courses in model making and design, among others, and which she provided by giving gifts to her friends. It was one such gift that opened the doors to entrepreneurship. “I made a bag to give a bracelet to a girlfriend and it turned out she liked the bag more than the bracelet,” she recalls.

She began sewing bags for her friends, and then for her friends … The thread was getting longer and longer. In parallel, this businessman involuntary He continued training until 2017 when he decided to devote himself fully to this activity which was gaining strength over time, at the expense of his work which he indicates he did not achieve professionally. This is the origin of Anna Rovira Bags, a Catalan limited edition bag brand with a social and environmental conscience.


Business volume will double this year

“At first I made all the pieces personally, one by one, but already in 2017 I signed agreements with local artisan workshops,” explains the founder of the company. Sales are done through the brand’s website, and Rovira says it ships across Europe and has already shipped to the US. Prices range from 70 to 390 euros, with an annual production of 500 to 600 pieces, as well as custom-made products. Last year, Anna Rovera Bag’s turnover was close to €50,000, a figure that it plans to exceed this year.

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The company is committed to local production, in small factories, where it is made by hand on wooden looms as in the past. These are limited editions in which the designer uses vegetable tanning, organic fabrics, and natural dyes to dye the pieces. It also highlights the regulated use of water promoted by the entrepreneur. The goal: that good working conditions are respected, that there is a minimum environmental impact and that the quality is optimum.

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