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The proposed constitutional reform of the electricity sector would affect confidence and certainty for the economic recovery of both Mexico and North America, run counter to agreed commitments in the T-MEC and raise concerns about adequate electricity supplies to private businesses in the country, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said in a statement. Mexico.

“In the midst of a process of national and regional economic revitalization, as Mexico and the United States make joint efforts to relocate and develop regional supply chains, this constitutional reform proposal will adversely affect the climate of confidence and certainty necessary for recovery, since the reform proposal does not propose respecting, until its expiration, organizational schemes and contractual under which long-term investments have been made,” refers to his position in which he provides legislators and the federal government with the technical knowledge of its national network of commissions.

“Constructive dialogue with the private sector is key to identifying the best energy alternatives for Mexicans’ well-being and corporate competitiveness, always prioritizing the rule of law,” the organization said.

For his part, Representative Manuel Rodriguez, head of the House Energy Committee, confirmed that the reform would not cancel existing contracts with private companies to produce renewable energy.

“The existing investments are guaranteed and they have no problem,” he said. “They will continue. What is certain is that the electricity growth planning system will be overseen by the government.”

Rodriguez said they shouldn’t worry. “Yes or yes, renewable energies will continue to grow, including solar and wind energy,” he said. “None of those operating in wind and solar parks will be canceled,” the legislator reiterated.

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