Anibal Lutoki has been disqualified from practicing medicine

The surgeon is accused of causing “serious injuries” to four patients, including Silvina Luna, who has been hospitalized since June 13.

The judge temporarily disqualified Aníbal Lutoki from practicing medicine. The surgeon is accused of causing “serious injuries” to four patients, including Silvina Luna, who has been hospitalized since June 13.

This was decided on Thursday by the Third Chamber of the National Chamber of Criminal and Correctional Cassation in the Federal Capital, which imposed “disqualification to practice the profession of a doctor, on a precautionary basis, until his situation is finally resolved in this regard.”

The case to which the decision refers is the sentence handed down in February 2022 by the Oral and Correctional Court of the City of Buenos Aires to four years in prison and five years of incapacity to practice medicine due to the “serious injuries” that provoked him. Patients Silvina Luna, Gabriela Trinchi, Stefania Xipolitakis and Pamela Sosa.

Sosa was the person who lodged a cassation appeal to determine the disqualification of Lotoki, who continued the practice until the ruling became final. At the end of Thursday the disqualification became effective temporarily and immediately.

Anibal Lutoki and Silvina Luna. The surgeon was excluded from practicing medicine.

Prosecutor Sandro Abraldes, in charge of the Public Prosecutor’s Office No. 29 before the oral criminal and correctional courts, also echoed Sosa’s request and asked in the last hours for a “temporary exclusion” of the practice of medicine and the “commerce in the field of cosmetology and cosmetology” for the surgeon.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office said at the time: “It must be emphasized that public health as an intrinsic community value of society, and that the Public Prosecutor’s Office has a duty to strengthen the defense of the interests of society.”

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In the case with a four-year prison sentence, it was determined that Lutoki had caused injuries to the bodies of the four women by using fillers containing polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres, in places on the body where this was prohibited. • Use it in higher quantities than those suggested by the scientific community.

Anibal Lutoki with co-stars Pamela Sosa and Veronica Ojeda.
Anibal Lutoki with co-stars Pamela Sosa and Veronica Ojeda.

Lutoki has been at the center of controversy in recent weeks, after Silvina Luna was admitted to the Italian hospital on June 14 and placed in intensive care. According to the report released by lawyer Fernando Borlando on Wednesday the 12th of this month, Luna is “clear and with stable vital signs. She is currently undergoing dialysis treatment three times a week, oral feeding and a muscle rehabilitation plan.”

Because of his positive development, he is “scheduled to be transferred to the general recovery room in the next few days, where he will be given the necessary care.”

Luna’s case was complicated in mid-June when she suffered reparations as a result of her kidney disease, according to a complaint, due to injuries Lutoki had inflicted during a cosmetic procedure more than a decade earlier.

She was sedated for two weeks and on June 28th she was extubated. After the first positive reaction, in the last hours of that month, they had to intubate her again, due to deterioration.


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