How do you start a dropshipping business in Colombia?

In an increasingly digital world, e-commerce and innovative business models are gaining more and more popularity. One of these strategies is Dropshipping, a model where entrepreneurs can sell products online without worrying about inventory or shipping.

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Basically, it’s a different and innovative way of selling, where you don’t have to buy products for your store But it is through the Internet that these products reach your customer thanks to direct shipping to your suppliers. Therefore, you will not need repositories or anything related to it.

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According to niche blogs, some of the advantages of dropshipping are: Less investment – so you don’t have to buy products – Less Logistics management where you don’t have to deal with packages and shipments, lower costs, and the possibility of rapid growth, among others.

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Oberlo, a dropshipping-style online sales platform, offers a guide for Colombians thinking of joining the trend and getting a sustainable business.

First, he talks about Solve the legality of your company through Dian’s Single Tax Registry (RUT) and the relevant process in the Chamber of Commerce to obtain a Tax Identification Number, i.e. NIT.

Another important factor is knowing how to find quality and reliable suppliers, because that is what they rely on. your sales and your reputation. Research and select sellers with a good reputation, high quality standards and reasonable shipping times.

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What you can’t omit is getting the right advice and in the hands of an expert on the use of social networks and how digital businesses work. Keep in mind that you will need strategies and campaigns to invite internet users to your virtual store.

Oberlo recommends using popular platforms like Shopify, which offer a wide range of features and tools to manage and improve your business, such as connecting to global platforms like AliExpress.


Finally, some of Oberlo’s tips for optimizing your store in Colombia are:

Selecting high quality products and presenting them in the best way on the networks.

Provide a clear description of your products.

Take care of the appearance of your online store.

Offer free shipping.

Add consumer reviews.

Invest wisely in advertising.

Use SEO techniques to promote your store.

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