Android will allow you to delete the account and apps data

attention because App developers will have to allow account and app data to be deleted from the app itself. It’s something that all apps in the Google Play Store must comply with, but it won’t be immediate, and will be implemented at a later date.

Google continues to implement various actions in the Google Play Store for the benefit of users and this is a good example of this, in addition to some already known such as the one that will prevent the installation of outdated applications from the Google Play Store, among others.

In this case, any app that you download to your Android device from the Google Play Store must have a The option that allows you to delete your account and other data series. This happens in many cases, more specifically when you need to create an account.

And here is the key to everything, any application for which creating an account is a necessity to use it must have this option to delete it, as well as the data created. So Android wants to go one step further in protecting privacy even further of users.

It is easy to understand, the application must have this option and when the user uses it, it will send a file Data deletion request It must be implemented, but it may happen that it is not, although it will be applicable only in very specific cases such as those we are now explaining.

Some applications may need to retain some data For legitimate reasons, if this is the case, the application should also indicate what specific data will not be deleted and why it should be, the point is that the end user knows why it should be kept.

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It may also be the case that some people do not want all their data to be deleted, and this case is also collected, if that is the case, what has been done is that The user will be allowed to choose to keep this information and delete some specified datawhich you can choose.

this It will not be an imminent change App developers must comply with it immediately, initially having a period of several months (until December 7, 2023) to send in any questions or suggestions about this new possibility.

It will be in the year 2024 when the new option will start appearing in the different apps that you download from the Google Play Store, which means that you will have The option that allows you to delete the account and data associated with the app That may have been created, it will not even be necessary to update the Google Play Store to get this newness.

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