She complained about the tips she was receiving through a funny video and received a response that left her speechless

newly, A girl from Hooters, in the US, has gone viral on virtual platforms After criticizing customers who leave without leaving a good tip for the service provided. The 19-year-old signed herself up for a tour of the restaurant and decided to reveal it with a curious reflection.

It is common in most countries of the world that when people come to a gastronomic service establishment, They should leave a tip for those they serve. It is also worth pointing out that the number contributed usually corresponds to the treatment given. but, There are a lot of people who don’t take these issues into account and that’s why Emily Baesler was so angry.

“When you listen at the table talk for hours and still tip less than 10%”he wrote in a post he shared on TikTok.

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The young woman made a strong claim to the advice they gave her

In the shoot, she is seen touring the facility where she works making various gestures of frustration. Although he did not give specific details of the situation he went through, because it was a general statement, Hundreds of users interact with section For a little over a minute they gave their opinions on the matter.

Although res In the United States the social norm Leave 15-20% for almost any serviceThis percentage may seem excessive in other regions of the world. In this sense, some have focused on foreigners who can visit the place. “Not everyone has the same standards, you have to respect them”Someone claimed.

In Europe 10% is the standard for excellent service. Some offer larger tips, but you should be more appreciative of what you’re getting Another added. Despite the criticism, There were also those who defended it. “If you promise to come with the best energy, I will give you a 25% tip. I don’t think what you’re saying is wrong, but there are other ways.” Although Emily caused quite a stir, He made it clear that he still agreed with his position and that he now expects customers to approach a tip as stipulated in most restaurants in the United States.

After collecting the experiences and opinions of tourists in the most important destinations of 162 countries on the Trip Advisor website Hawaiian Islands Developed a series of charts that allow an overview What service providers expect.

This map shows the different standards for guidelines in

In this way, the North American country has emerged for being one of the places where it is Employees often expect more from the bill as part of the reward for service. In this case, it would be 20%, as the girl claimed in the post that went viral. However, amounts may vary according to customer satisfaction.

Aside from all issues of courtesy, it is essential to consider this in many cities around the world Tips are essential for workers in different industriesBecause they help them earn enough income to support themselves financially. However, no citizen is obliged to leave more money than is stipulated in each destination.


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