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Universal Studios Japan (USJ) has once again canceled the opening of its theme park Super nintendo world, Scheduled for February 4. However, the company published a series of videos of concern: a “virtual tour” in which you can see the main attractions of the park, located in Japan Osaka.

The park was originally scheduled to open in July 2020, ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, and a large number of visitors are expected. However, the opening had to be postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, just like the Olympics.

Japan’s borders have remained closed to nearly all foreign tourists for several months and no plans have yet been announced to ease these restrictions, so the company decided to postpone its reopening.

Despite this position, UJS was recently involved A series of videos showing all the details of the major Super Nintendo World games, Which offers, among other attractions, a realistic Bowser Castle and an interactive Mario Kart ride.

According to UJS, it is “a land of immersion in legendary Nintendo worlds, characters, and adventures where visitors can play inside their favorite Nintendo games.”

Some attractions also have augmented reality headsets, while others have a bracelet attached to a smartphone that allows visitors to collect coins and virtual objects, just like in the popular Mario games. There is also an outing based on the friendly green dinosaur Yoshi.

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