All seasons of “Seinfeld” are available on Netflix!

During all the time we spent in prison, we are sure that the vast majority took the opportunity to follow the series and movies that they had not seen. Although we also know that there are those who used those days at home to see some products again that made us have a good time when we were happy and we didn’t know it, and only in this category can we put Seinfeld.

It was in 1989 when NBC aired the first episode of this sitcom, where we learned about the fairy tale of Jerry Seinfeld With his friends , Eileen Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), George Constanza (Jason Alexander) and Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards). It took a while to connect with the audience but years later it became a real success, with many people identifying the issues they were dealing with.

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Seinfeld is one of the best sitcoms ever

Seinfeld A must for comedy and above all, for senseless black humor. Although they based the plots on very funny places, the truth is that in some episodes we saw very simple things from everyday life, but there are also times when the plot sometimes seems not to do with anything specific. on the principle They completely changed the way these stories are told on television.

Although we have become fond of Jerry and all the characters, and even sympathize with them, The truth is that they made it clear to us that they are not the best people in the worldBecause all of a sudden they did things that affected others and they deserved a hat. Hence the genius of this sitcom, because it is a true reflection of life, we will always have to face good and bad situations, as well as people like that.

We tell you when and where you can watch

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Throughout their history they have received many awards, including Emmy Award for Best Comedy Series, Golden Globe And more, which made them consider it the best sitcom in history. However, even though it ended in 1998, after nine seasons, they couldn’t leave us helpless. This is why this show (or something like that) appears. curb your enthusiasm, a series starring writer Larry David and co-producer and executive producer of Seinfeld, in addition to the web series, Comedians in cars getting coffee.

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After a long wait, the series is finally available on Netflix

With the arrival of streaming platforms, many services have struggled to get by Seinfeld in your catalog. Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Stan of the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, respectively, own the rights to broadcast the series. But a few weeks ago Netflix made a pretty big announcementBecause they revealed it with great fanfare As of October 1, all chapters of the series will be at your service.

Now you know, if you’ve never seen it or feel like throwing it away again, this is an excellent time to throw yourself into a 180-episode marathon. And yes, we know the tone and humor can be very different from what we have today, because it was released in a different social context, but we assure you that if you give it the chance and get the rhythm, They will take away one of life’s best surprises.

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