An artist from Guanajuato took part in the second animated Spider-Man movie

I wrote in Guanajuato he

Lion-. Through a post on Twitter of the famous director Guillermo del ToroThe artist’s name has been revealed Meralda Medina from Leon GuanajuatoAnd from bull Retweeted by the digital artist who showcased some of her work at filmSpider-Man through the Spider“.

Meralda Medina from Leon f Interactive digital design lesson In the Ibeoamerican University to LionThen he went to study at Vancouver, Canadato. through a Twitter The designer revealed that she will participate in the second part of the Spider-Man cartoon.

“A girl who was scolded by the teachers for playing superheroes and being unfeminine,” they told her that she was not creative, that she would not succeed in life, because yesterday she fulfilled her biggest dream of working in it. #SpiderManAcrossTheSpiderverse Here are my three shots from the trailer,” posted in Guanajuatense at Twitter.

creator Pan’s LabyrinthAnd Guillermo del ToroShare the post: “Miralda Medina de Guanajuato-amazing! SIPDERVERSE”.

In the post’s comments, Twitter users congratulated her and hinted at her hometown of Lyon:I’m from Guanajuato too, what a pleasure! someday me too.

he Spider Man He has always been one of the digital artist’s favorite superheroes from Leon Meralda Medina Sanchez. After 5 years comes the second part of Animation movie affiliate Spider Man to Miles morale. The film will be shown in theaters in June. United State And Mexico.

The first batch was released in 2018 and was the winner of the Oscar For Best Animated Film of 2019. in the movie,”Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Man“, produced by” Sony Pictures “, with the participation of other Mexicans.

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