Alert on a new scam offering “backups” for WhatsApp

In recent days, they have discovered a new type of scam that arrives via email and impersonates the app so that customers can download a “backup”, which is actually “malware”.

WhatsApp is in the process of re-transforming which is why it is rebuilding the relationship with its billions of users, as they have incorporated new functionalities such as the option to speed up the speed of sound or the new functionality Vacation Mode, which was recently released to the general public.

On this occasion, they reported the circulation of a new and complex campaign of attacks via email. This methodology they implement is WhatsApp impersonation, and under the pretext of downloading their backup, they trick users into installing malware on their devices.

He was Spain’s National Cyber ​​Security Institute (Incibe) Which warned of this method in a security notice, alerting it to the presence of phishing messages with the subject Backup of WhatsApp Messages.

This is a new scam impersonation From the messaging app, where Don’t just pretend to be a backup User’s WhatsApp chats and user call history, which is prompted to click on a link to download it.

However, when users who click on the link included in the email end up downloading a Trojan horse virus on their device, which, if executed, infects it with malware and may not only steal account details but also You can access other applications inside the device.

Incibe has recommended deleting the file for users who have downloaded it but have not executed it. Likewise, it is also recommended to send the mail containing it to the Recycle Bin. In the event that a Trojan horse is executed, it is necessary to scan the device with an updated antivirus.

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Finally, they stressed the need not to click on any link or download files from messages of questionable legitimacy, and recommend communicating with the company through official channels.

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