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From Lisbon

The President Alberto Fernandez He arrived on a sunday at 9 am LisbonAnd Portugal in Start to him Five-day European tour That will also take him to Spain, France, the Vatican and Italy. The main goal of the president is to obtain the support of these countries for He leads negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Paris Club.

Fernandez arrived in Portugal after a smooth flight that took around 11 hours. He landed in Lisbon at 1 pm local time, and at the airport, Argentine Ambassador Rodolfo Gil received the President and the delegation. This will be the first of the four European cities the president will visit, with the peculiarity of being the only city without night restrictions.

The Argentine Airlines plane departed from Ezeiza last night, as the President arrived by helicopter at around 9:30 pm. There, an Airbus A330 aircraft of Argentine Airlines was waiting for him, and he would board all flights within Europe and then return to the country.

On board there was already the delegation, support group, and journalists from public and private media who would cover the tour. The passengers were greeted warmly by the President on boarding, accompanied by Economy Minister Martin Guzman.

Fernandez’s entourage is made up of First Lady Fabiola Yániz. Foreign Minister Philip Sola; Economy Minister Martin Guzmán; General Secretary of the Presidency of the Republic, Julio Vettobello. Secretary for Strategic Affairs, Gustavo Pelles; And Minister of Communication and Press, Juan Pablo Biondi.

Lisbon received Fernandez and his companions with a pleasant climate and a temperature of 17 degrees. After the reception at the Portuguese capital airport, the delegation headed towards the EuroStars Hotel overlooking the Tagus River, where they will spend one night.

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Once there, the President and the rest of the delegation took advantage of the few hours available for lunch and rest, since 5:00 pm, the first meeting of the tour was agreed upon between Fernandez and his Portuguese counterpart, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, at the National Palace in Belén.

Although this meeting is important due to the charismatic path of Portugal’s president – who was re-elected in January with more than 61 percent of the vote – the main meeting will be tomorrow during lunch with the Prime Minister, a figure who leads the executive branch. And European Union President Antonio Costa.

Behind the Lunch with Costa, In the afternoon the President will leave for Spain. There is Fernandez You will meet King Philip VI in the Palacio de la Zarzuela In the morning and In the afternoon he will have lunch with his Spanish counterpart, Pedro Sanchez, In the Palacio de la Moncloa.

The last stop will be on Thursday in Rome, where the president will visit Pope Francis In the Apostolic Palace in the morning and in the afternoon he will meet with President of Italy Sergio Mattarella After that he will hold a working meeting with Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

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