Genshin Impact’s Mona stars in this cosplay

Jinshin effect He gave us a huge number of adorable personalities, and now new Disguise I salute the mysterious sweet astrologer Mona.

With her lavish clothes deserving of star flair, this is it Disguise The de Mona drawn by peachmilky_ (and shared on her Instagram account) is the perfect embodiment of the character.

Without losing the witch hat, the girl is ready to predict the fate of the lucky and unlucky:

Photo: peachmilky_

Described as the mysterious girl with great knowledge of the matter, Mona is also known for leading an economic life free from abuse.. However, this is also due to his constant lack of money as he once swore to never use astrology to get profit from others.

We do not know if the reason for this decision was his love for the art of astrology, even though he was Muslim. This love also prompted her to predict the future of others in a straightforward and unadorned manner, causing many to consider her cruel or heartless.

Photo: peachmilky_

Did you like the? Disguise This is Mona?

Remember that the 1.5 update from Jinshin effect Available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5And PC, Android and iOS.

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