Agreement with the International Monetary Fund: from the United States they call for “successful negotiations” for Argentina

this friday Gustavo BellezThe Minister of Strategic Affairs of the Nation met with a representative of the President of North America Joe Biden NS Draw a “common agenda” between the two countries. Jake Sullivan, The National Security Adviser B United StateIt was he who received the Argentine official in Washington.

meeting aims Strengthening the relationship between Argentina and the United States to generate “Strategic Dialogue Focusing on Innovation, Technology and Climate Change”.

What does Argentina need to be able to think in the post-pandemic era, says Belize

Promote this meeting between officials “Roadmap for Bilateral Cooperation” That was proposed between the two countries last August on a visit by Sullivan to Buenos Aires. In that period, Interview with President Alberto FernandezMinister of Productive Development Matas Colvas, Blaise himself and other members of the executive branch.

So the focus this Thursday was on how “Accelerating the development of a knowledge economy with social and gender inclusion”, In addition to “Promoting new environmentally sustainable social investments” To develop artificial intelligence, digital infrastructure, federal communication, inclusion and technological diversity in Argentina.

In this way, and for the economic and productive development of the country, Pelez and Sullivan “ratified the will of their two presidents, Joseph Biden and Alberto Fernandez, Strengthening joint actions aimed at facilitating a faster recovery in Argentina“.

In this line, as indicated by government spokespersons to the Agency Tlam, they both agreed to make “joint efforts” to Fighting the climate change crisis Take advantage of international financial institutions Promote economic, environmental and equitable recovery from the epidemic“.

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The priorities to be addressed in a series of strategic dialogues between the public and private sectors between the two countries were also identified, namely: Innovation and Economy 4.0 and Climate change With a focus on energy transmissionCircular economy, biotechnology and sustainable agriculture.

In addition, both the Argentine Minister of Strategic Affairs and the US National Security Adviser referred to the status of vulnerable middle-income countries, with an emphasis on the search for “New Alternatives to Strengthening Multilateral Development Banks”.

With regard to this issue, the need to They raise the debts of these nations -Including Argentina – argued, as well as how to make better use of Special Drawing Rights (SDR) granted by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the wake of the epidemic.

On the other hand, when considering the country’s debts with the International Monetary Fund, presidential spokespersons pointed out Confessed to both officials “The importance of moving forward in successful negotiations” with the body to Achieving “sustainable debt and inclusive long-term growth”. The abolition of the credit surcharge for Argentina was also taken into account.

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Belize travels to Washington in a week Meet with multilateral development banks In order to expand support programs for the country: which allowed him to declare “a $2 billion deal For priority development projects with world bank and Islamic Development Bank Financing Program of US$2.6 billion“.

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The latter includes Investment loans, regional loans and fast-disbursing loans With Federal perspective‘, as explained by the Secretary of Strategic Affairs.

The aim of this aid is that Argentina can work on “Climate change adaptation, digital innovation and communication technology, Artificial Intelligence and Human Development with Social Inclusion and Strengthening Economy 4.0. “.

Alberto requested that the IMF funds capitalize a bank that is a major lender to Argentina

The Secretary’s meetings were held with the multilateral development banks in the framework of CAF 25th Annual Conference, where Pelez referred to the use that Argentina hoped to give to DEG del FMI “Capitalization of Development Institutions” through this money.

Belize worked with the Argentine ambassador in Washington, Jorge AreloThey traveled with a group of officials who also held their own meetings With a view to building a bilateral strategic dialogue..

They accompanied the Secretary of Strategic Affairs Rodrigo Rodriguez Turnquist, Secretary of Climate Change; Michaela Senches MalcolmGeneral Innovation Secretary, Martin OlmosIT Agent. And Leandro GorgalUndersecretary of the Ministry of International Financial Relations.

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