The 60,000 Tree Monarch Butterfly Challenge Project has started in Canada

This Saturday, which has been translated as the 60,000 Trees Challenge to the Monarch Butterfly, began a program to search for the conservation of the monarch butterfly in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

3700 km from its last stop in Morelia, Michoacan Today’s truck Monarch Railway Monarch Butterfly’s 60,000 Tree Challenge kicks off in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Before about 150 people at the city’s train station, representatives Monterey Metropolitan Rotary Club Together with the Kansas City Southern of Mexico Railroad Company, they led the event with the goal of donating $100,000 and thus reforesting Monarch Butterfly Preserve in Michoacan with 60,000 thousand oyster trees.

David Eaton, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Customer Service at Kansas City, Southern Mexicomentions the importance of repairing the Monarch Butterfly Biological Corridor found throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

“The Monarch Butterfly is in trouble, but we all have the solution to save it. We want to create awareness with this challengeinviting people to plant trees and flowers, and exchanging the message of brotherhood among the three nations,” David Eaton reiterated.

In addition, the commemorative sculpture of Monarch Butterfly, MOMACreated by Mexican artist Rich Arnoda and Andrew Delkins, the Mayor of Windsor from Eaton received a replica of the statue in gratitude for agreeing to be the first stop on the memorial truck that began its 60-day, nearly 4,000-kilometre journey.

To simulate the actual flight of butterflies, a souvenir truck will travel Canada, the United States, and Mexicostarting in Windsor at Walkerville Train Station where the Windsor-Roseland Rotary Club organized the event that seeks to create awareness and solicit contributions to reach the goal.

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US company GATX, the campaign’s sponsor, donated the Monarch Butterfly Commemorative Truck, which is today on the train tracks, for a later trip across ChicagoKansas City, Laredo, Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey, San Luis Potosi, Queretaro, Toluca and finish in Michoacan.

At the venue, adults and children took pictures in front of the giant truck, which is 17 meters long, 3 meters high and weighs. 29 tonsThey also visited the eco-stalls and had the opportunity to release some of the butterflies that will start their journey to Mexico.

Sponsors who support this great cause include Kansas City Southern, Canadian Pacificand Suburban Lawn & Garden, NASCO, Xignux, ArcelorMittal, Orsan, TrackSpeq, and Grupo Acerero.

The next stop of the project will be in ChicagoAlong with the city’s rotating clubs, they will celebrate Mexican Independence Day.

The closing event will be held on November 4 in Michoacan, a few days after the conference Day of the Dead and The next day at a party at the Monarch Butterfly Reserve in Michoacan, where the Moma statue “rests” after its more than 60-day journey.

To participate in this social responsibility project, you can scan the QR code or go to and support the project’Royal Butterfly Tree Challenge 60,000Make the donation of your choice.

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