Mexican civil lawsuit against arms companies continues: SRE

Mexico City. In the face of a request to extend the period and extend the counter-response document, US companies arms requested by the government Mexico For their negligent business practices favoring the smuggling of weapons into our country, today they submitted their response to the response given by the State Department (SRE) on behalf of the Government of Mexico on January 31, as part of civil action proceedings still in progress in Federal District Court in Boston, Massachusetts.

The original procedural calendar provided for its response on February 28, but the strength of the legal arguments of the Government of Mexico and the broad support received through memoranda from the Friends of the Court forced them to extend this.

As expected, the companies individually questioned the government of Mexico’s ability to sue in Massachusetts and the relationship between their negligent actions and the damage their weapons cause on Mexican soil.

On the other hand, they insist that the PLCAA give them immunities, even when the criminal acts caused by their weapons have occurred outside the United States.

On January 31, 2022, the legal representatives of the Government of Mexico They argued in the summary of the reply that the United States Congress, when enacting it, so believed that the laws had scope only in their own territory, and when it was their intention that they should be applied outside their country, that they were expressly stated in the law. Therefore, the Government of Mexico confirms that the PLCAA does not provide any immunity to companies arms For damage caused by criminal acts committed with their weapons in Mexico.

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The SRE It will conduct the corresponding analysis of the respondent companies’ response profiles and continue to report on the development of this litigation.

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