Sand Dunes, a meditative sci-fi for transcendence

The film, starring Timothée Chalamet, stands as a masterpiece by director Denis Villeneuve.

Caracas. Danube It’s a speculative science fiction movie, one of those planned to be masterpieces, and they succeeded. Canadian director Denis Villeneuve has just released a landmark movie, a story that calms his development, on a tense trajectory, but makes conflict the core of his on-screen aesthetics.

The director takes a reference from science fiction literature, the novel Danube Frank Herbert For this proposal, it immediately became one of the films of 2021. The book published in 1965 was made into a movie before. In 1984 a David Lynch version was shown. And there will be those who came to this story through video games.

Danube Visually reminds us of a lot, but it’s actually the beginning of a lot, even if it’s not exactly an original. Since its publication in the 1960s, The novel has become a classic of science fiction, so its reference is undeniable for many.

There has been talk for decades about the similarities between the first movie in the series star WarsWritten by George Lucas and a novel by Frank Herbert. But isn’t art a continuation of the fruits of existence?

The movie was shot in places like Wadi Rum, Budapest, Standlandet and Abu Dhabi

Therefore, in this adaptation DanubeThe associations will be immediate: Deserts, spaceships and an empire dominate everything and different houses are facing each other. In addition, Denis Villeneuve belongs to a generation that has not only turned to the direct source that the book represents, but has also grown up with S filmstar wars, as well as other related films.

Now version Danube It stars Timothée Chalamet, who plays Paul Atreides, heir to the Duke Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac), the leader of one of the most powerful and revered houses in that universe.

Atraides must pass the order in the management of the planet Arrakis, a large-scale and dangerous, but very important in the dynamics of the various planets. In that sandy place is the source of a mixture, a substance that can be used as a stressful psychotropic with thought-elevating powers, but also as an indispensable component of space travel.

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This house has its chief antagonist Harkonnen, flourishing for years of mixture exploitation in Arrakis, until the appearance of the changes that Atraides must perform under the emperor’s patronage.

Josh Brolin plays Journey Halleck, a military loyalist to the Duke of Leto Atreides

Once on the desert planet, conflicts arise in this fierce struggle for power between different factions. In the middle appears the young Paul Atreides, astonished by the explosion of his bloodline, as well as by the transition he witnesses first. He lived his youth under the design of his mother, Lady Jessica Atreides, played by Rebecca Ferguson, who belongs to the A mysterious female order of the type Bene Gesserit, a sort of behind-the-scenes powerhouse with very hidden interests.

Paul Atreides is shocked by the sudden and violent changes in his life. He must then go through a thorny stretch to find the true reason for his existence, beyond heroism in what the circumstances require.

About Danube Various interpretations will emerge about the facts motivating the conflict: Power games, greed, scarcity of natural resources, environmental danger, and the conflict between civilization and barbarism. But deep down, the true center is the challenge of a person who must live a life outside of what his people plan, and for what he is called to transcend.

Zendaya’s performance is silent, but essential to predicting transition

Denis Villeneuve well weaves the onstage warnings of what the protagonist’s future will be, with the character of Chaney (Zendaya), whose semi-dreamlined and choppy existence foreshadows everything to come, on a transition to another world he understands and accepts.

Danube It could also be revenge for the Oscars director, who got away with the figurine in 2017 for Access, Another wonder.

The director achieves full environment-observing moments, also bolstered by Greig Fraser’s photography, which conveys exquisite images faithful to the urgency of each narrated moment, along with Hans Zimmer’s composition, which reinforces in the notes a plot that calls for a turn back.

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It is true that the first minutes can be confusing, especially for someone who is not entirely concerned with the work, even far from the general lines achievable on the network, but A feature film that instantly overpowers any mishap, plunging anyone into its own world.

Danube It’s a science fiction movie that raises its cult, and like any work that pretends to be a classic, it also adds detractors. However, it is beyond any discussion to present itself as a strong reference for the genre. It’s only the first part.

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