After the student’s refusal, the subject of medicine will not become compulsory

After the students refused, the medical school withdrew after trying to make a subject compulsory during the academic year that had already begun.

After the medical school tried to make a topic, intensive care, go from being elective to mandatory, the students’ refusal led to the procedure being refuted.

Vento de Abajo student group said: “Thanks to the student organization, we are standing up for our rights. Intensive therapy will continue as an elective subject for those we entered before 2023.”

The college had to back down because the students rejected the compulsory nature of the subject, because, according to them, it could affect their career development and subsequent graduation.

“Compulsory Intensive Therapy cannot be applied retroactively. Those who submitted a PFO want to start the title in action and cannot, they desperately need SIU to change the percentage. It is not fair to change the plan immediately for students who entered before 2023,” they noted from mentioned group.

In this way, and as detailed by the Center for Medical Students, Remediar, the subject will be compulsory, but in another way. They affirmed that it “will start to be compulsory only when the study plan amendment is approved by the Ministry of Education and will apply to entrants from that year onwards.” .

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