Who are the young Argentine leaders who will travel to the United States to learn about the main centers of power?

The selected young people and FURP authorities were greeted by Ambassador Mark Stanley

On April 2, fifteen young Argentines of different origins will arrive in the United States – from Corrientes, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires and Tucuman – from various political parties – actors, radicals, professionals – and from various fields – management, communication, trade union, investigation, but with a common denominator: all of them They strive to be the leaders of Argentina tomorrow.

The fifteen youths have been selected before University of Rio de la Plata Foundation (FURP) To travel to the United States and learn about the main centers of power. The scholarship recipients are all Argentines between the ages of 23 and 32 who already hold decision-making positions and, above all, intend to promote themselves as future leaders.

This morning, the chosen ones visited the Ambassador of the United States of America, Mark StanleyBush’s mansion. During the visit, the scholarship recipients talked with the ambassador about the program, which consisted of a three-week trip to the United States.

FURP has been developing this program for 52 years. The goal is for scholarship recipients to learn, through an agenda complete with visits to public and private institutions, about the political, institutional, economic, and social system of the United States. He added that there were three weeks of intensive training with leaders from various fields, businessmen, academics, and specialists in various topics of interest. infobae Federico Pintos, who will be the group coordinator.

During those three weeks they will visit Texas, Boston, Dallas, New York, Washington and Philadelphia. There they will visit, for example, the Pentagon, Congress, the Supreme Court, the State Department, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the local executive, legislative and judicial authorities, the headquarters of the Democratic and Republican parties. various prisons and universities. They will know firsthand, through conversations with officials and authorities, the truth about each point.

Javier Santvenez

He has a degree in Social Communication from Austral University, and has over thirteen years of professional experience in corporate and political communication, journalism, public affairs, crisis communications and brand identity. He did a university exchange at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. In the private sphere, he has worked for twelve years with Jorge Brito, current president of Club Atlético River Plate and Banco Macro, advising him on institutional and political communication, social networks and the media.

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Scalco dove

She is from Mendoza, is 32 years old and is an advanced law student. She works as an advisor to Luján de Cuyo, during her second term. He took over his position through Citizen Unity, a space led by Christina Kirchner. He heads the bloc of members of the Council of Todos Front and is responsible for the Public Works, Tourism and Health Committee there, and specializes in zoning and urban planning. In turn, she holds the position of Secretary for Political Education and Communication in the Council of the Justice Party in Mendoza.

Luciana Ines Tassano

He was born in Corrientes 31 years ago. She is a lawyer with a master’s degree in tax law from Austral University and is currently studying for a master’s degree in leadership and political analysis at the Institute for Research and Social Action (CIAS). She works as a consultant at the Unit of the Ministry of Public Space and Urban Health of the Government of Buenos Aires. Before that, she was in charge of government relations for the municipality of Corrientes and was awarded a scholarship in various programmes.

Celeste Tausen

She is a political scientist, with a master’s degree in urban politics specializing in public innovation and leadership. Between 2015 and 2019 she was the National Director and Chief of Staff to the Secretary for Urban Infrastructure in the Nation’s Home Office. He was responsible for the implementation of the National Habitat Plan and was in charge of the external financing programs of the World Bank, the Islamic Development Bank and the African Union Fund. She is currently Director of Public Innovation at MuniDigital, a startup developing GOVTECH and CIVICTECH software for Ibero-American governments and affecting the quality of life of 14.4 million citizens.

Rosendo Groupocapatel

He is 28 years old and leads the communications team at PRO Argentina. He studied political science and government at the University of Torcuato de Tella. He participated in two leadership programs in Argentina: one at the Center for Research and Social Action (CIAS) directed by Rodrigo Zarrazzaga and the other at the Foundation Rio de la Plata (FURP). He started working with PRO as a volunteer in 2012 and participated as part of campaign teams in different elections.

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Emilio Varisco

He is from Chaco, a lawyer and university professor of political law. He is the grandson of the former First Lieutenant Luis Alberto Varisco, who is in charge of the Development Association of the Chaco and one of the officials of the Eduardo Tassano College in the municipality of Corrientes. He recently published a book on student demonstrations in the region during the Onganía dictatorship.

Santiago Notarfrancesco

He is a lawyer from the National University of Córdoba (UNC), Diploma in Business Administration with China (UNC) and specialist in Studies on Contemporary China (UNLa). He wrote the book Cordoba and China, a World of Opportunity and is the author of the Discobrando China podcast.

Augustine Quinteros

The 32-year-old is an audiovisual screenwriter and works as a production or digital marketing coordinator for companies like Discovery Channel, brand animation studios and independent cinema. In turn, he fights for Peronism in the New Space of Participation (NEP). In 2019 he became a member of Community Council No. 6 (Caballito). It develops the regional, social and cultural work of the 25 de Febrero Cultural Center.

Federico Gonzalez Rocco

He holds a degree in economics, a postgraduate degree in social economics from the Catholic University of Argentina, and a master’s degree in public policy from the University of Torcuato de Tila. He works as the Operational Director of Credits and Rentals for the City Housing Institute. Prior to that, he worked as a consultant specializing in economics and housing to governments, international organizations and research centers. He specializes in the analysis and design of housing accessibility tools. He published two books: “Housing: The Story” in 2017, and “Owners or Tenants” in 2021.

Anna Sophia Solorzano

She plays the guitar and studies two professions at the National University of Tucuman: a degree in history and a degree in communication sciences. She was the Director of the Local Service for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Boys, Girls and Adolescents in the municipality of Tavi Viejo and today she is responsible for the Environment and Environment in the same city. In turn, she is a political activist: she works as a counselor at the Regional Youth Council of Tucuman.

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Camila Ines Latte

She has a degree in Social Communication from the National University of Misiones. She works as a political communication consultant at the Radical Civic Union. There, he is responsible for coordinating election campaigns, building political image, digital marketing and managing social networks.

Diego Galan

He is 28 years old and is the education secretary of the Sutiba teachers’ union led by Roberto Paradelle in the department of Ezeiza. Diego graduated in Political Science at UBA and has also taught secondary and higher education. Until 2026, he has a current mandate in his union position.

Camilo Echevarria

He is a lawyer graduated from the University of Belgrano and a notary from the University of Siglo 21. He is currently an advisor to the Neuquén City Council. He was elected in 2019 by the Front Neuquino Integrator party and chaired the Environment Committee.

Martin Ignacio Borazas

He is a lawyer from the National University of La Plata and holds a master’s degree in criminal law from the University of Austral. Martín works in the municipality of Trenque Lauquen. He is the Secretary of Administration and Planning and is responsible for the sub-secretariats of Public Works, Public Services, Modernization, Health and the Directorates of Education, Culture and Sports. Likewise, it coordinates different municipal districts in projecting public policies.

Camila Abondanzire

Almost his entire academic life was spent at the National University of Rosario. First he graduated in International Relations, then he finished his MA in International Integration and Cooperation and now he has a PhD in International Relations. Camilla is a PhD fellow at Conicet, where she is carrying out her research project on South-South cooperation between subnational actors and international organizations. He has publications in various scientific journals.

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