National Science Week

Science publishing activities for all ages are planned for the new edition of the “National Science and Technology Week”, where various scientific, technological and academic institutions from across the country will present an agenda of free proposals from October 17 to 24, officially reported, Grupo La Provincia has spread.
The Ministry of Science reported, via its website, yesterday, that the initiative, organized by the Directorate of Expression and Audiovisual Content, invites residents to meet with the scientific community, through free activities for all ages, aimed at spreading, communicating and promoting. The world of knowledge, science, technology and scientific arts.
Between Monday 17 and 24 October, the National Science and Technology Week will take place, where institutions from all over the country organize various activities such as workshops, talks, guided visits, experiments and projections, to learn about their research and the knowledge generated with the aim of awakening vocations and bringing scientific culture closer to society.
Museums, research centers, institutes, laboratories, libraries, science academies, botanical gardens, universities, science clubs, schools and more institutions that seek to communicate how progress in science and technology affects the daily life of society, and what are the expectations and possibilities for the future in the Argentine scientific and technological field.
The development of each activity depends on the organizing institution, and the agenda can be viewed through the website, which has a search engine in which you can filter by keywords, method, province, date, region and organization.
In addition, between October 17 and 24, the science portfolio will publish some of the proposed activities on the initiative’s Facebook profile. (blameable)

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