After outrage over his Netflix movie, Juancho Hernangómez is signed by a new NBA team

Juancho Hernangómez with Adam Sandler in the movie Garra (NETFLIX)

The Toronto Raptors Confirmed, Thursday, the signing of the Spanish power forward Juancho Hernángómezwho recently appeared as an actor in the movie “Hustle” (claw). The Spaniard who will join his sixth team in this way for a season NBA Since he was chosen by Denver Nuggets Number 15 of the 2016 draft.

The 26-year-old powerful striker for the Spanish national team was a free agent after Utah The Jazz will not exercise their option to renew it for $7.3 million. Utah It was one of three perks, along with Boston Celtics And the San Antonio Spurs, in which the Spaniard played last season, averaged a modest 3.3 points and 2.5 rebounds.

Spanish has become more popular in the United States after the movie premiere in June “Hustle” (claw) in NetflixProduced by another company LeBron James. on tape Hernangómez He plays Bo Cruz, a street basketball player Spain Who was discovered by an NBA scout who plays Adam Sandler.

His sports explosion came in the 2015/2016 season, When he climbed for up to 24 minutes in the ACB League, the best competition in Europe, being the top scorer (9.7 points) and the leader in efficiency and balls for all U-22s. Best Young Player of the Tournament award, above junior rank Luka Doncic The season of dreams crowned. But, of course, the best was missing. Or more shockingly: They are selected in the NBA draft, in a senior position (No. 15, first round), from nuggets. At the age of 21, he began his experience in the best league in the world, playing 62 games with a correct average of 4.9 points and 3 rebounds, achieving an impressive mark of 27 points in the January game against the Warriors.

Claw has been one of the most watched movies lately on the platform (Netflix)
Claw was one of the most watched movies recently on the platform (Netflix)

But, in the next campaign, which could be one of his breakthroughs, was the one in which he changed the team and the city. as such Denver traded it with Minnesota. In February 2020 he will never be able to meet his best version again. Now, he will seek glory with the birds of prey.

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The Canadian franchise is the “most Hispanic” in NBA history. Since they began playing in the NBA in 1995, the Raptors have secured the services of five players from this country in addition to including Scarello on the coaching staff. Before Hernangomes, Gasol, Ibaca, Jose Calderon and Jorge Garbagosa played.

It was Calderon of Extremadura who opened the door for the Spanish players in the Toronto team. He came to the Raptors in August 2005 from TAU Vitoria and remained with the team until 2013. In 2006, they signed striker Garbajosa who played for the Canadians until 2008.

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