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Josephine Langford is the actress who plays Tessa Young, the main character of the film saga “After” and Anna Todd’s novels, along with the hero Fiennes-Tiffin, who plays Hardin Scott. The translator was the protagonist in the previous four films, but in the last film titled “after every thing”almost does not appear in the story, which caused concern for followers of this love story.

The film’s premiere has been confirmed The disappointment that the trailer for the fifth film meanswhere fans discovered that Tessa had been relegated to more of a secondary role and that scenes from the previous installments were being used.

The film focuses, above all, on… HardinWho struggles with his demons and the blockade of the creative writer. He takes a journey to heal and then resumes his relationship with her Tessawhich was conspicuous by his absence.

Before we tell you more about the almost ghostly appearance of the protagonist “after every thing”you can see the Official announcement film:

Why does Josephine Langford appear so little in “After All”?

Josephine Langford has a very small presence in the movie “After All” Fans of the film saga criticized these details, which they had already seen in the trailer. For the vast majority, the film was supposed to end in the fourth part, “After we fell”was released in 2022, but those responsible for the film decided to give a new story to Tessa Young and Hardin Scott, the characters of Langford and Hiro Fiennes-Tiffin respectively.

Thus Langford almost never appears in the film except for a very brief moment. The fantasy focused on Hardin’s struggle with his demons before returning to Tessa’s arms. In reality, The “After” book series contains only four novels and a prologue.

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toAnna Todd’s fourth novel ends with a happy ending for the coupleBut in the film, the heroes are separated. This was heavily criticized by fans of the heroes of these books, as the original story was not respected and was unnecessarily extended.

Not known exactly Why did Josephine Langford almost never appear in the film?. The actress did not speak in any interviews (she has no social networks). Some of his followers believe that he only had a contract for the four films and did not want to be part of the fifth film.

In promotion for “After We Fell,” Langford explained in what scenario she would play Tessa again, an answer that resonated strongly after the “After Everything” premiere. This is what he said to:

“I would like to come back if it’s important and makes sense. I’m not a fan of staying longer than expected. Sometimes a good thing can be ruined if you’re creating something and it’s basic, and there’s no reason for it. “I would be very, very happy to come back under the circumstances appropriate and if it makes sense.male translator to the mentioned medium.

How do you watch “After Everything”?

the film “after every thing”the fifth and final saga based on novels Anna Todd, is available in theaters in the US and internationally starting Friday, September 14. The official date of its debut on streaming platform like Amazon Prime Video is not yet known.

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