The impact of federal policies on international students in Canada

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Welcome b International students in Canada It can reach max. Several federal government ministers are considering measures to address out-of-control housing costs and a growing number of foreign students.

Last year, about 807,000 international students chose Canadian universities and colleges, a significant increase since 2011.

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However, the lack of student housing and affordable rent has led to a crisis, with students even sleeping on the streets. Here we explore possible solutions and their implications.

The growing trend of international students in Canada

In recent years, Canada has become an attractive destination for international students. Quality of education, cultural diversity, and job opportunities after graduation are factors that have contributed to this increase. However, the increasing demand for housing and employment opportunities has created a number of challenges.

Lack of affordable accommodation near campus and high costs of living are serious issues affecting international students. The situation has become so serious that some universities have had to find urgent solutions to help homeless students. These problems have caught the attention of federal officials, who have proposed several measures to address them.

Possible solutions and complications for international students

Proposed solutions include limiting student visas, prioritizing “reliable” institutions, and restricting job opportunities for international students.

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