They have released the luxury cruise ship with 206 people on board that ran aground on the coast of Greenland

Copenhagen.-N The luxury cruise ship MV Ocean Explorer has been “successfully” launched in Greenland The authorities and the company that owned the ship said that the ship sank on Thursday, three days after it was stranded with 206 people on board.

a A fisheries research vessel freed the vessel when the tide was highCopenhagen-based Sunstone Ships and the Arctic Command, which coordinated the operation, said.

Ocean explorer, off the coast of Greenland. (Danish Air Force/Joint Polar Command via AP)Danish Air Force/Joint Arctic Command

This was done through “Tow the ship [propiedad del gobierno groenlandés] And the ship’s own power.”The company said. “No one on board was injured, and the environment was not contaminated There was no hull tear“He added. The Greenlandic ship “Tarajok” belongs to Greenland Institute of Natural Resources.

The owner company said:The ship and its passengers will be taken to a port where the damage to the ship’s bottom can be assessed. The passengers will be transferred to a port from which they can return to their homes.

Ocean Explorer carries 206 people on board. (Sirius/Joint Arctic Command via AP)Sirius/Joint Arctic Command – Sirius/Joint Arctic Command

The ship was stranded on Monday AlpfjordAbove the Arctic Circle and in Northeast Greenland National Park. The park is roughly the size of France and Spain combined, and a layer of ice permanently covers 80% of its surface. Albfjord is about 240 kilometers from the nearest town. EtoqqortormitWhich in turn is approximately 1,400 kilometers away KnockThe country’s capital.

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The cruise has taken place Two previous attempts to free himself Alone during high tide this week.

The flight includes passengers from Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Great Britain and the United States. It has an inverted bow, like the bow of a submarine. It includes 77 cabins, 151 beds for passengers and 99 beds for crew, in addition to several restaurants.

Earlier on Thursday, the Australian company Aurora Expeditions, which organized the cruise, said so Three passengers suffered from Covid-19.

“These passengers They are isolated. “They are receiving care from our doctor, medical team and crew and are doing well,” Aurora Expeditions said in a statement. He added that the other people were “safe and sound.”

The Arctic Command had previously indicated this There were other ships near the stuck cruise ship. There were also members of the Sirius Dog Sled Patrol, a Danish naval unit that conducts long-distance reconnaissance and defense of Danish sovereignty in the unoccupied areas of the Arctic. The latter visited the ship on Tuesday and reported that all those on board were fine and no damage was discovered on board.

The weather forecast for the next few days indicated clear skies and temperatures of about 5 degrees Celsius, according to the Danish Meteorological Institute.

The Danish Maritime Authority asked the Greenland Police about this Investigating the cause of the ship’s grounding In the event of violating any law, according to the police statement. The statement added that so far no charges have been brought or arrested. An agent is on board the cruise ship to take “preliminary investigative measures that include, among other things, questioning the crew and other persons of interest on board,” according to authorities.

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SunStone Ships said the cruise ship set sail on September 2 from Kirkenes, an Arctic Norwegian town, and was scheduled to return to Bergen, Norway on September 22.

The main mission of the Joint Arctic Command is to ensure Danish sovereignty by monitoring the area around the Faroe Islands and Greenland, which includes the Arctic Ocean to the north. Greenland is a semi-autonomous territory of the Danish Crown, like the Faroe Islands.

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