A young woman explained what traffic violations are like in Finland and surprised people online

Ana has more than 13 thousand followers on the Chinese social network and there she shares all the curiosities of the country (@anaaconrado)

Finland It stands out as a country that arouses the curiosity of many. With its stunning landscapes, unique culture, and unusual focus on certain aspects of everyday life, becomes this country An interesting destination to explore. But, in addition to her natural curiosity, she has some cultural traits that surprise social media users.

This country, known for its efficiency and rigor in various fields, is not far behind when it comes to that Fines passage. TikTok user, @anaaconrado, a Spaniard based in Finland, He showed what the system looked like and surprised his followers.

Anna explained in her video that fines in the Nordic country can be surprisingly expensive. What makes this system particularly unique It is that the cost of the fine is not a fixed number, but rather is linked to the offender’s income. “It depends on the money you have or the money you earn, the fine imposed on you will be more expensive or not, even if it is the same violation,” he said.

To illustrate this, he mentioned an example: If two people committed the same violation and one of them earned 3,000 euros a month while the other earned 20,000, the fine for the individual with the higher income would be much higher than the fine for the first. As an extreme example, he recounted the case of the director of a multinational company, who was fined for speeding, It can reach 100,000 euros or more.

Anna is Spanish and lives in Finland. He showed on his networks what the regime looked like and surprised his followers.

Anna has more than 13 thousand followers on the Chinese social network and there she shares all the curiosities of the country. “This is how it is. It’s not a question of money but pain”, “It sounds perfect to me. My boss earns 6 times more than me and gets fined several times every week because he parks his car wherever he wants. 50 euros to him is nothing”, “It sounds perfect For me”, “Abusing based on income is better”, “Whoever has more, pay more”, “In Spain it cannot be done this way”. We are a country of lions. “In the end, there are few of us who really declare what they earn,” these were some of the comments from users of the social network.

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