How to activate Copilot, the artificial intelligence for Windows PCs

Copilot will be available using the Win + C shortcut. (Microsoft)

New operating system update Windows Enabled activation of new function for users: co-pilot, artificial intelligence Microsoftcan now be used freely as part of the system features and can help manage user activities on Computer.

This tool, like others Virtual assistants Based on artificial intelligence, it will allow users to improve their workflow and integrate this artificial intelligence into the usual activities performed on the device. However, this should in principle be activated by installing a system update. Windows.

The user is usually notified of this through an icon in the form of two arrows forming a circle at the bottom right of the screen. This indicates that an update is available and must include activation copilot.

When the installation is finished, users should see the logo copilot At the bottom of the screen right next to the search bar and the Windows logo. This will allow Microsoft’s AI to be activated by clicking on program Or using the key combination “Windows + C”.

Windows Update. (how to geek)

In case to update But the keyboard shortcut does not work or activate another function in Windows, users should go into the Settings app and follow these steps:

-Click on the option “Personalization“.

– Select the button “Taskbar”.

– Activate the special button “Activate co-pilot.”

Once activated, copilot It will occupy the right section of the computer screen, and users will be able to access all its capabilities as if it were a window. conversation. This makes it easy to perform any other activities in other programs without having to open and close the application window. artificial intelligence.

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This includes, in addition to interactivity Amnesty International With the content displayed on the screen, you can access functions Microsoft Edge And Bing chat To show new content available on the web that may be useful to users when carrying out their activities.

According to Microsoft, the goal of this integration is to unify capabilities Webwork data and procedures on the user’s computer to provide much closer assistance.

The AI ​​assistant will add more than 150 features to the operating system.

List of improvements that this plugin accesses System Employment It’s extensive with over 150 new features, including:

– paint: This drawing tool is enhanced with AI for digital creation. Users can now remove backgrounds and work with layers more easily. Additionally, Cocreator Preview offers power Generative artificial intelligence To the application.

– Cutting tool: Now users can extract text from image and protect sensitive information with security tools. Writing text. Additionally, audio capture with audio and microphone support makes it easy to create engaging videos and content.

– Memorandum letter: The session state will now start saving automatically, allowing you to close the application without interrupting dialogs and then continue where you left off. Notepad will automatically restore previously opened tabs, as well as unsaved content and edits in those open tabs.

– File browser: The home page, address bar, and search box will be included in Explorer. These improvements will help make access easier content Important and relevant, in addition to seeing changes to files without having to open them directly.

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