James Bond inspires new ‘reality’ competition on Amazon Prime Video

“I thought they were finally inviting me to a movie James Bond. “I thought this would be my moment, but it wasn’t.”– said the actor jokingly Brian Coxknown for playing patriarch Logan Roy from “Succession” on the “Tonight Show.”

He was talking about his latest project, “007: Road to a Million”which, although inspired by the famous spy, is certainly not the latest installment in the long film saga.

The program debuted this week Prime Videostreaming platform Amazonis the “reality” of competitions. Nine pairs of ordinary people face a series of challenges around the world, all inspired by James Bond, to win a million-dollar prize. Cox plays the archetypal “villain” in the 007 story, who controls the games and challenges that the contestants must complete to reach the finish line.

Although today the “show” is associated with the saga, it was originally merely a competing “reality” with no direct connection to Bond. It was after the product David Glover He presented the idea to him Dan Grabiner, Amazon’s head of original production in the UK and Europe, who thought they could offer an element that would make it more attractive. So, they sent the pilot episode to Barbara BroccoliJames Bond film producer, who gave her approval for the program.

Greg WilsonOne of the producers of the film saga commented: “We receive a lot of bad offers, and we often try to imitate Bond. This was a very innovative idea, with real people, but with the opportunity to put them in a Bond-like experience. It was a very interesting premise.

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Meanwhile, the successor to Bond’s cinematic role has yet to be announced Daniel Craig He left the character after No Time to Die. Broccoli gave some clues about the direction the selection will go, noting that they probably won’t be selecting a rookie. “We’re open to casting someone who’s not a star. But acting is a very specialized profession, and if someone were to carry the film and have a set of Bond requirements in terms of physical fitness, it wouldn’t be someone who hasn’t done it before. “It would be irresponsible.”Comment.

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