A study revealed which games were cheating the most, and we have a clear winner

A study has revealed which licenses for online games have the most cheats, and some titles will surprise you.

Cheaters have been around in the video game world since the inception of electronic entertainment, and while cheating is essential and gives a number of advantages, it can be said that it exists thanks to the original developers, and is accepted by most of the community.

But when we talk about Cheaters It’s something completely different, because they’re those people who use illegal computer software to gain an advantage in a series of video games, thus harming the rest of the gaming community.

Now a new study by Surfshark pointing to Games with the highest number of cheatsAnd, as you can imagine Fortnite primarily because of its popularity. Namely, Fortnite has over 350 million loyal users, so it is not surprising that it is also a license with more illegal computer programs to take advantage of.

To reach this conclusion, the study relied on searches on Google and YouTube to identify the most cheating games, highlighting which Fortnite contains 26.8 million videos on YouTube alone are related to cheatingCompared to Overwatch, which ranks second with 9.2 million hits.

The most marketed traps, since most sold on illegal software, are related to Exploits of aimbots y wallhacks. Aimbots are basically a method aiming in the other direction and always getting it right; Whereas walls are a way to modify walls to see through or to be able to pass through with bullets.

You must be clear that Epic Games has made clear its stance regarding cheating and that it has zero tolerance, so any user caught using cheating will be banned forever.

It should also be remembered that selling this illegal software is a crime, yet it is being prosecuted by the crime agency in some countries like the UK.

Fortunately, the entire online gaming community is against these practices, and even they are the ones who report when they see a user using illegal software.

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