Regenerative Medicine

The availability of biopsy is minimal A piece of leather; They are only 2 square centimeters. Later, in the lab, tissue engineering is responsible for expanding, growing, and ultimately, fabricating from that little piece, up to two square meters of the same skin. Stop. Because it can be used to cover a major burn or to solve many other problems.

It is not a fiction. It is a scientific and practical fact. There is still a lot to accomplish, but it is one of the most exciting steps taken Tissue engineering Give. Others are going towards bone regeneration, with this new branch from osteobiología.

Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine They go hand in hand to tackle today’s big medical problem. Once the traditional infectious disease has been overcome (the coronavirus pandemic has already changed everything), many diseases are resolved, and the longevity poses problems of degeneration and wear and tear. How is this joint cartilage that causes osteoarthritis pain replaced? Or the cells affected by a heart attack? Or the complex Alzheimer’s neurons? Or the onset of Parkinson’s disease?

The hope – and now reality in many cases – is called regenerative medicine or tissue engineering. Or in other words, the science that allows Restore the regenerative strength our body enjoyed in the first years of life. Our young cells’ ability to replace degraded tissues decreases over the years. What gives them this power? Well this is what is being investigated and what he will be able to offer in the short term, high hopes.

The Parent cells, And possibilities bone marrow, The combination of gene therapy and tissue engineering could actually allow a type of tissue to be manufactured Natural Adhesive This not only protects, but also cleanses and speeds up healing.

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It is a future like a fantasy. Academician García Barreno noted when describing Four stages According to Hasselten, they must be achieved: the first, by copying the body’s mechanisms, imitating what growth factors do; The second, on the basis of laboratory transplantation of tissues and organs; And the third is based on reprogramming cell clocks, so it will be the rejuvenation of old tissues; And in the fourth, nanotechnology will be used to manufacture new cellular components that allow them to be incorporated into the human body.

The first stages have already been completed. And you walk at a good pace to make it available to everyone.

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