A new tragedy in Petropolis due to rain: 5 dead and many missing due to a storm | There were floods and mudslides

More than a month after the storm that destroyed entire neighborhoods and killed more than 230,000 residents, The Brazilian city of Petropolis He suffered tragedy again. at least Five people died in the new floods Due to heavy rain last Sunday.

In addition to the deceased, left the mudslide and currents At least four people are missingAccording to the Civil Defense and Military Fire Department of Rio de Janeiro.

The new reality only increased the severity of what was already The worst tragedy in that mountain citySo far, 233 of its residents have lost their lives.

until Monday morning, Civil Defense recorded 95 accidents in Petropolis, most of them due to landslides. Crosses planted in the square in honor of the February victims were also swept away.

Videos recorded by local residents and spread on social networks once again showed the streets turning into fast-flowing rivers Water destroys everything in its path, photos similar to those recorded a little over a month ago.

The mayor’s office towed about twenty cars that were towed. “So far, the Rio de Janeiro military fire brigade has received more than 50 landslide calls and (requests) to rescue isolated people at various points”A statement from the local government said.

Given the constant alarms, The authorities activated twenty support centers on Sunday Against a forecast of rain, 574 people were cared for early Monday morning.

About 150 soldiers ran out in the morning Rescue missions, with support of specialized search and rescue forces, among others. 28 people were rescued. The forecast for Monday in the region indicates moderate to weak rain in the Petropolis region.

Another piece of information shows the strength of Sunday’s storm: Town Sao Sebastiaoin the municipality of Petropolis, an accumulation of 403.6 mm in 10 hours.

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Meanwhile, on the coast Angra dos riswhich is located 180 kilometers from Petropolis, two people were killed after a tree fell on their car as a result of rain.

The city was hit February 15 worst storm since 1932Which caused landslides in neighborhoods built on the slopes of mountains and floods, killing 233 people. According to scientists, climate change is exacerbating the frequency and intensity of these weather phenomena.

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