A missile hit a building 150 km from Kyiv and there is a warning of air strikes in the Ukrainian capital

The attack took place in a city located 150 kilometers north of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

Today, a Russian missile hit an apartment building in Chernihiv, 150 kilometers north of Kyiv, setting fire to two basements. And while he was in the capital, there was an alert for air strikes, according to what was reported by official sources and the Ukrainian press.

The Government Communications Authority confirmed the impact of the shell on the apartment complex, which did not mention the victims in the first report, according to the newspaper. independent Kyiv.

The attack is added to the attack that occurred last Saturday, when A high-rise apartment building was also hit by a missile at night in Kyiv While the fighting was taking place between the Russian attackers and the Ukrainian forces.

“In the past two days, hospitals, kindergartens and orphanages in Ukrainian cities have been bombed. We demand a decisive response from the world and the isolation of Russia from its criminal actions,” said the Prime Minister of Ukraine after this first event, Dennis SchmihalOn his official Twitter account.

Similarly, in both Chernihiv and Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, On Monday morning there was an alert of air strikes and residents were ordered to go to the nearest shelterThe newspaper said on its Twitter account.

The moment a Russian missile hit a building in Kyiv

On the other hand, in Kyiv and Kharkov – the second largest city in the country, about 482 kilometers east of the capital and only 20 kilometers south of the border with Russia – Explosions were heard again shortly after 3.00 (local time), according to the news agency forget.

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Ukraine said on Sunday that it had regained control of the city of Kharkov after Russian forces entered the city for the first time on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Interior Ministry reported in the last hours that The advance of a “large convoy of armored vehicles” was observed From the Russian army to KyivComing from the south.

Soon, satellite images were published showing a column of more than five kilometers long on its way to Kyiv – at that time, about 65 kilometers south of the city – consisting of armored vehicles and trucks transporting fuel and other logistical means.

So far, the fighting has been in Kyiv with Russian troops entering mostly from the northwest and northeast of the city.

Ukrainian forces resist the advance of Russian forces in Kyiv (Reuters/Maxim Levin)

Mayor of the Ukrainian capital, Vitali KlitschkoOn Sunday, it confirmed that there were no Russian soldiers inside the city, as local forces continued to “expose and neutralize the saboteurs.”

The official admitted that the Russian army has been on the outskirts of the capital since Friday, but the country’s authorities did not rule out the entry of these forces into Kyiv, or at least an increase in the siege.

On the other hand, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said Monday morning that The Russian forces lost about 4,500 soldiers, about 150 tanks, and more than 700 armored vehicles So far in its incursion into Ukrainian territory, which began last Thursday.

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Meanwhile, on Sunday, The Ukrainian Interior Ministry reported that 352 civilians were killed and 1,684 wounded. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

Instead, a spokesperson for the Russian Defense Ministry said, Igor KonashenkovHe stressed, without specifying numbers, that the losses recorded by his country’s forces were “much less” than those suffered by Ukraine.

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