A “lunar ship” to protect the reproductive cells of terrestrial species

A group of scholars began to put in place various plans to ensure Continuity of terrestrial speciesOne of his projects is creating a “Ship of the moon” To store millions of seeds, germs, eggs and sperm.

The expert idea is to build under the surface of the natural moon a A reservoir containing reproductive cells from 6.7 million species on Earth, General New York Post.

Researchers argue that humans should look to space travel to preserve life as we know it, because phenomena such as natural disasters, asteroid impacts, and the potential for nuclear warfare threaten to wipe out the human race.

this is Planetary instability It is leaving its species vulnerable and “imposing” the establishment of a seed vault on the moon as quickly as possible, said Jikan Thanga of the University of Arizona in the United States at the IEEE space conference. .

For Thanga and his team, the recurring risks we face are turning this idea into a true “modern global insurance policy”.

In your presentation “Moon craters and lava tubes for a modern ship.”, The scientist suggested building pre-fabricated shelters inside the recently discovered lunar craters.

A model of lunar vaults proposed by scientists.

These places will provide the ideal environmental conditions for storing reproductive cells, as they withstand “extreme changes in temperature” and provide protection against threats such as radiation and meteorites.

This “ark,” according to the Thanga Show, It will keep the different kinds by cooling In the event of a global disaster in the cylindrical units powered by solar panels.

“We can still save them until the technology advances and then re-introduce these species, in other words, save them for another day,” he said.

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The expert referred to the eruption of Mount Toba volcano in Indonesia 75,000 years ago as a cause for concern, noting that it “caused a cooling period of 1,000 years and, according to some, corresponds to an estimated decline in human diversity.”

It was also calculated that to achieve the goal and fully supply the warehouse, 250 space flights would be required, compared (for example) to the forty launches carried out at that time to build the International Space Station.

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