Minciencias opens a contest targeting girls from ethnic communities

Minciencias, in alliance with the Mit-Harvard Group Center for Atomic Physics to acquire Ultracold
US Atoms, Launches MIT-Harvard Mission 2023 Competition: Ondas Researchers. Academic immersion project it It will benefit female researchers from public educational institutionsAnd belong to ethnic communities.

The initiative will allow researchers between the ages of 14 and 16, belonging to the Ondas de Minciencias Programme, to Receive financial support that will cover expenses related to housing, transportation, food, insurance, and visa, among other things.

Beneficiaries will live a unique experience, as they will get to know the centers and institutes of science and technology with a high level of recognition in Boston, United State; Plus the opportunity to take part in conversation with 2021 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics Dr. Wolfgang Ketterle, and with members of the Colombian scientific diaspora.

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Arturo Luna, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, confirmed that this alliance

This is great news for girls in the country: “In this opportunity, the girls will learn to improve their research skills. In addition, they will learn about the latest in science, technology and innovation, and they will get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to strengthen their knowledge, so stay tuned and I invite you to participate.”

It also seeks to establish support networks with Scholars diaspora

Colombians in the United States to advance knowledge in societies with socioeconomic gaps.

This experiment, which will take place over a week in May 2023,

He is also considering supporting the linking of two co-investigating teachers

Ondas de Minciencias Program who will participate as teachers for students.

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How do you participate?

Girls interested in participating in the contest should refer to more information at www.minciencias.gov.co and Take into account requirements such as:

• Be between the ages of 14 and 16 at the time of development of the MIT-Harvard 2023 assignment.

• Be a beneficiary of the Ondas Minciencias Program during the years 2021 and/or 2022, be

Colombian citizen.

• Belonging to an ethnic community (Indigenous, Black, Afro-Colombian, Raizal or Palenquera).

• Attain an average grade equal to or greater than 4.0/5.0 for the year 2022, in subjects related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, for short in English) or in Pedagogy (in the case of mainstream schools).

• The applicant must have developed a research project for the Ondas Program on topics related to STEM or education fields.

• Applicants are not required to have knowledge (verbal and written) of the English language.

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