5 Chrome tab tricks recommended by Google itself

Do you think you are taking full advantage of Google Chrome? If you don’t know these tricks, you may be missing out on some things.

New tab page in Google Chrome browser

From time to time, one’s own Google He brings us some Tricks and tips that you can use to get the most out of certain of your products and services. In many cases, the main protagonist of this type of file bundling is the Chrome browser adviceSince it offers an infinite number of functions and options, many of which are unknown to most users.

On this occasion, Google took the opportunity to educate us Five new tricks Not well known, but this can help you Browse better and faster with Chrome Master tab management.

Master your Chrome tabs with these 5 tricks

some tricks Shared by Google To get the most out of Chrome, it’s closely related to managing browser tabs. Others, not so much, but can also be very useful when browsing with Chrome. Let’s get over them:

  1. Manage your bookmarks from the search bar: Few people know that if you type “bookmarks” or “bookmarks” in the URL bar of Chrome, you can quickly search through the bookmarks saved in the browser.
  2. Organize tabs: Thanks to features like tab groups, you can organize always-open websites by category and color. You can also add websites to the reading list, which is very useful in those cases when you find an interesting article and want to read it later.
  3. Hide distracting websites: Google also takes the opportunity to recommend useful extensions, such as BlockSiteallowing you to temporarily hide those websites that distract you during your work or study hours.
  4. Update your old passwords: It’s not so much about tabs, but it’s not a bad time to remind yourself that it might be time to update the old, weak passwords you use for some of your accounts. Also, remember that Google offers you a free and very useful password manager.
  5. Silence notifications from websites: If you are tired of some websites sending you annoying notifications or playing sounds, you can avoid this by double clicking on the tab and selecting the “Mute site” option.
Find your Chrome bookmarks

You can search for bookmarks from the URL bar in Chrome by typing “bookmarks”

These are just a few of the many hacks for Google Chrome. Plus, you can always get more out of your browser by using some of the most useful Chrome extensions available.

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