Terrible debut: As memes spread across Messi and Ronaldo’s faces, eFootball received stinging criticism after its launch

video game eFootball 2022 It became the successor to Konami’s legendary Pro Evolution Soccer, but its start was not so positive and it received thousands of critics. Those who have already tried the game confirmed that the graphics quality is very poor, mainly due to the design of the faces of many football players, mainly. Lionel Messi And Cristiano Ronaldo.

Its launch was so bad that despite having a new graphics engine and being free for the first time, It has the worst rating ever on SteamOnly 8% of the analyzes were positive.

Cristiano Ronaldo at eFottball 2022.

And it is not only about the visual section, but also Hundreds of glitches have been reported in the gameplay, which is one of the points that was promoted the most before the launch.

The criticism did not go unnoticed by the Japanese company itself, which Out to give explanations To respond to the negative aspects highlighted by the players.

“Following the launch of eFootball 2022, we have received a large number of comments and complaints regarding game balance, related to passing speed and defensive performance,” the statement released on social media begins.

Konami also realized that there are Problems with transition scenes, facial expressions, player movements, and ball behaviorThey stated that they would work to “improve the current situation.”

“This work will be continuously updated, quality improved and content added constantly. Starting next week, we will prepare for the October update,” they said, adding that they would continue to receive complaints from users.

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Although the company can release patches to correct the flaws, the truth is that those who are already disappointed with the game can opt for one of its direct competitor: FIFA developed by Electronic Arts.

Criticisms against electronic football

One user commented on the new eFootball: “The worst soccer game I’ve ever played. It’s just a mobile game. The ball weighs 100kg, the communication between players is messy, nothing is right. It’s a shame.”

It’s not even a ‘beta’ for a demo, it has many covered options, is full of bugs, poorly optimized. Unsuitable training menus, removed many tactical options, and a lot of recoil compared to previous PES. Another said “Don’t shoot” The game is in this state if it is not ready.”

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