10 tips to motivate yourself to exercise

10 reasons to exercise

1. Determine the “why”. Exercise has long-term health benefits, indirect benefits for your children, and immediate effects on your mood and vitality. Being mindful of what you want to gain from exercise can motivate you to do something. External triggers can also help you start exercising.

2. Coordination with another or others. They will be more likely to comply, because you will not want to look bad with others. People do more exercise with family or friends than they do alone.

3. Reward yourself. Buy a new piece of clothing or shoes for exercise. Make sure that the reward is conditional on achieving a certain amount of exercise.

4. Monitor activity. They are free apps that can boost motivation, by giving warnings, measuring achievements and setting goals. With them you challenge yourself in terms of distance, time and speed.

5. Work out at the same time. The idea is that it becomes a habit. Research shows that exercising in the morning usually takes hold faster than exercising in the evening.

6. Make it an activity you enjoy. They always increase the chances of you persevering in an activity you love. You’re also likely to exercise more intensely without realizing it if you enjoy the activity. If you hate running, don’t do it. Take a long walk in nature.

7. Start slowly. You end up wanting to do more, rather than overdoing it. This also reduces the chances of experiencing muscle pain or injury.

8. Listen to music. It improves mood and reduces the perception of effort, which promotes better results. These benefits are particularly effective with exercises Regular or frequent, such as walking or running.

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9. Add it to your dog. People who walk their dogs walk longer than those who don’t.

10. Make a financial commitment. Many claim that it works. This is a “contractual obligation” in which the deposit is made, and forfeited if the promise of healthy behavior is not fulfilled.

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