Gareth Bale’s flashy new work

It is normal for many athletes to start at some point in their career or when they are already retired. David BeckhamAnd Cristiano Ronaldo s Gerrard Pique are some of the most emblematic examples. Now, the one who gives the surprise is neither more nor less than Gareth Bale, who will start a remarkable project in his beloved country Wales.

The Welshman has yet to play 290 minutes this season. step aside in the eyes Carlo Ancelotti, in a difficult moment with Real Madrid, but he nonetheless enjoys his presence in the Welsh national team, where they are one step away from the Qatar World Cup: they will face the winner from Scotland and Ukraine to determine the latter. UEFA ticket.

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His news from the drawer of memories brings back the flag he displayed after Wales’ 2-0 win over Hungary which deposited them at Euro 2020, in November 2019. Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that the banner he displayed with his teammates as they celebrated the rankings.

The controversial letter on the flag of Wales.

The controversial letter on the flag of Wales.

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Now, half at odds with Merengue and the crowd at the Santiago Bernabeu, Gareth is focusing on his two priorities: Wales and golf. As you think about the World Cup, He spends his time adventurous as an entrepreneur and already has the green light to develop his new business.

Gareth’s work

in March , Bill opened a bar called Par59 in Cardiff. The enterprise complied with the traditional regulations of Irish pubs, adding a golfer theme. A type of mini golf added to drinks. The idea was a success which is why he now wants to expand the franchise and open a new branch in Bristol.

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however, Residents of the selected area rejected the former Tottenham project, claiming it would “encourage alcohol consumption” With more than 100 objections. “With every new nightclub that opens, the noise and anti-social behavior around the neighborhood gets worse”Said David Meyer, Member of the Society of Biology, in conversation with The Sun.

For this reason, there were negotiations to please all parties and reach an agreement. And there is a green light… Facilities in Bristol will be open until 00.30 on Friday and Saturday, while during the week they will be closed at 23.30. The schedule changes have been approved by the licensing committee and the company will open its doors in a few months.

Celebrate the ball.  (Reuters/Rebecca Nadine)

Celebrate the ball. (Reuters/Rebecca Nadine)

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The goal of Gareth’s new project is clear: “Give a level of sophistication to an activity that many people associate with Family Day abroad”. There was good news this Friday and you can go ahead with the inauguration.

MLS destination?

The Washington Post surprised everyone and according to journalist Stephen Gove, in the US they already have an offer ready for the 32-year-old striker. DC United, the team that once had England’s Wayne Rooney, contacted the player’s agent, Jonathan Barnett, to make him an offer.

He does not have a big place in Real Madrid.  (Reuters/Javier Barbancho)

He does not have a big place in Real Madrid. (Reuters/Javier Barbancho)

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Although it is not known what the player will decide, it is clear that the relationship with Real Madrid fans has been broken for a long time and the lack of filming only exacerbates the situation. In his last matches, he was booed from the crowd and the discontent was evident. However, we will have to see what happens at the end of June…

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