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With the arrival of high temperatures, we must Take certain precautions and follow the recommendations of experts for training.

Sports enthusiasts want to continue their training, many outdoors and others in the gym. During these summer months, people usually enjoy more free time and do more sports, both for aesthetic and health purposes.

Take note

1. no hurry. We may have time wasted on the bikini process, but we shouldn’t choose to jeopardize our health with overly aggressive training programs and/or miracle diets. Keep up with your training and try to regulate your calorie consumption.

2. Try other activities. Taking advantage of the weather conditions you can try new sports typical of this station such as swimming and surfing, among others, to give a new approach to your physical activity and learn new things.

3. feed. Take care of your hydration and nutrition according to the temperature and your physical activity. If you increase your activity or do it during hours of extreme heat, you should increase your water intake. It can also be used to eat more seasonal foods such as fruits and vegetables.

4. Keep training strong. Despite the fact that, due to time, preferences or other reasons, we want to do another type of activity, we must continue with strength training if we want to get improvements in our body composition.

5. clothing and protection. It is essential to wear appropriate exercise and temperature clothing, and clothing that is breathable and loose-fitting so that there are no skin problems. In addition to sun protection in the event of outdoor activity and in potentially hazardous hours.

6. break. Although there is more free time, it is not necessary to abuse training. It is just as important or more important than ever to improve comfort.

7. Train in a group. Taking advantage of the fact that there is more free time, you can try to do activities in groups (cycling, soccer matches,) to create commitment and to make the effort more bearable.

8. Beware of abuse. On these dates, it is very usual to go out and drink more. It is very important not to engage in physical activity to a certain degree if you have taken alcohol because it can accelerate dehydration, which is already exacerbated by the heat of the dates.

9. Collecting. If your goal at this time is aesthetics, one way to improve your training is to perform strength training and cardiovascular exercises in the same session to burn as many calories as possible.

10. enjoy. Don’t indulge in exercise in your vacation time, these are breakup dates. If you can’t train because of a commitment or a trip, don’t worry. The important thing is to be consistent the rest of the year.

Source: Ensa Sport

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