Director Tatiana Uezo sets her sights on the Oscars with her film Noche de Fuego – El Sol de México

Tatiana Huezo and the Noche de Fuego production team are concentrating their efforts so that members of the Hollywood Academy see the film and can compete for Best International Film at the upcoming Academy Awards.

The Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has selected the director’s first feature film as a Mexican actor to receive a nomination for this award.

“Working in my hands and doing everything we can along with the wonderful producers Jim Stark, Nicholas Seles and so many other producers who have joined forces with this film to promote it with all we can to get there (to this nomination). It is not an easy path and I am So excited that we have a strong and honest story behind us.”

The director said with a slight laugh that at the moment she does not think or imagine herself at the Oscars “Because I get so nervous. I really see myself working every day to pay her so much love. Now the huge task is for the academy members to see her, and if they want to, they should vote for her.”

In the film’s strategy to achieve this recognition, Tatiana Huezo puts her faith in the producers who participate in it, as well as in the film’s arrival in the United States on November 17th via Netflix.

“In a way, they are part of the apparatus being cooked and the strategy that you are going to start to bring to the members of the academy,” commented.

As part of the 19th Morelia International Film Festival, Tatiana Huizu received a cash award from the Mezcal brand that will help her continue her work as a director. Among them is his next documentary, El eco, which is currently in development.

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“It’s a project I left behind to do Noche de Fuego and now I’m starting again. It’s a story about childhood, about peasant children, a story about growing up, feeling dizzy about life, and about the echo that parents leave in their children, in a beautiful place where there is an echo in space, Where the sound travels. In a very special way.”

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The director participates in FICM as part of the jury of the Mexican Documentary Department. It will also offer a special fire night function.

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