$1 billion can be blamed for EA abandoning the FIFA brand

A few days ago we commented on the possibility of this Electronic Arts may consider doing something as far-fetched as changing its name to FIFA. Many of us wonder why this strange decision when naming FIFA “EA’s soccer game” is so strange, with some rare leaked names, such as “EA Sports FC”. Call us crazy, but “Viva” Age has changed its name, because the truth is, it looks like a crime to us.

But perhaps today we have to agree with Electronic Arts and understand why such a huge change is so appreciative of its groundbreaking franchise. It is an article that is neither more nor less than The New York Times He revealed that there is a dispute between EA and FIFA itself. Specifically, the global football management organization is asking to double the amount a distributor pays for use of the brand for 4 years, an increase of nearly $1 billion.

FIFA continues to use its power

Well, yes, the culprit who has stopped calling our FIFA is vile money. FIFA (organization) wants to increase this revenue and not only that, but it also limits the use of the brand made by EA to prevent it from making a lot of money for this reason, for example, the rights to broadcast the game belong to the organization and not EA, leaving this license only to sell The game and its advertising.

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Article – Commodity It is reported that given the possibility of losing this multi-million dollar agreement, FIFA must quickly look for other options, as the improvements scheduled for the following years are backed by this agreement.. To do this, it can contact other distributors such as Epic Games, but in return, EA will lose its exclusivity or privileged treatment, significantly reducing the value of this agreement and the amount to be paid.

It is definitely a problem for both companies. One wants more money and the other doesn’t want to pay it. We don’t know if they’ll finally come to an agreement for the next 4 years, but this EA has even considered minimal renaming the most successful game in its catalog and one of the most played year after year, the agreement should be in a delicate moment Extremely.

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