First images of Max, Warner Bros.’s streaming service. which will arrive in the United States in a few weeks

New logo, new color, but a very similar app, albeit with promises of a complete change in its courage to stand up to criticism.

In a few weeks, the Max will be landing in the US, and Video on Demand is aiming for that Replace HBO Max For a new platform capable of better entering all layers of American society, a goal for which those responsible also wanted to help develop a new application for mobile phones and television.

Will there be many differences in its interface? SVOD’s April 12 presentation gave us a first look at the app’s “suit,” but the images were blurry enough to draw many conclusions. Now, however, thanks Apple App StoreWe have several screenshots that allow us to start getting a broader idea.

First, on the screen There are not many differences with the interface of HBO Max that we enjoy or suffer in Spain.

However, as confirmed at the time, changes will come more from within the platform. “Our amazing team has worked hard to take the best of both legacy technology platforms to deliver a product that works so much better. We are sure that all these improvements will provide a stronger experience for our customers.It will drive more engagement, help improve retention and improve customer satisfaction, which in turn will help us continue to expand,” JP Perrett, CEO of Global Streaming at WPD, said in April.

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An app with many reviews

Since its launch, HBO Max has been one of the most criticized services. The HBO series, and some successes in the field of Max Original’s, may have given the platform an additional quality in its content compared to the competition, but the application has drawn a lot of criticism for its constant failure, or for its performance in a much lower picture than its competitors. In fact, HBO Max has it One of the worst reviews on Google Play in the areacurrently second only to SkyShowtime, which landed in February.

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