UEFA, the most exciting confederation in FIFA history

When it comes to entertaining the fans, UEFA is the association that has presented the most exciting spectacle in FIFA history with an average of 2.92 goals per game. His national teams converted 26 out of every 100 scoring chances and throughout the season, his teams scored one goal every 28.6 minutes; In addition, she owns eight of the most valuable teams in the world.

To consider the tournament spectacular, data analysts take into account criteria such as average goals per game, expected goals and conversion rate. In this sense, the data released as of October 11 by UnderData and taken from FootyStats indicates that during the most recent history of FIFA, it was the European and South American confederations that provided the most entertainment.

This data was confirmed by the surprise selection of the European qualifier, Denmark, which took a perfect step during the qualifying round. The team has the best goal conversion rate, generating 3.7 chances per game and converting 40%. On Tuesday, the Danes beat Austria 1-0 and got their sixth World Cup ticket in their history. Statistically, the highest conversion rate in Europe is that of Kazakhstan, yet they average less than one scoring chance per game.

The first team to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar was eliminated from the European Football Association, and on Monday Germany got a pass by beating North Macedonia 4-0. The leaders of Group J have 23 goals to only three.

According to data from FootyStats, throughout the season, in UEFA matches a goal is scored every 28.6 minutes and 43% of the time both teams score.

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CONMEBOL, on the other hand, has an average of 2.58 goals per game, and their teams have converted 27 out of 100 chances. The selection with the best conversion rate is Brazil at 29% on 2.2 times per match, and Verdeamarela occupies first place in the standings, having won nine games and one draw, also scoring 22 goals and allowing only three goals. Brazil and Argentina are two of the most valuable teams in the world, and among their ranks are Neymar Jr (100 MDE), Lionel Messi (80 MDE) and Lautaro Martinez (80 MDE).

In this knockout season, in CONMEBOL matches, a goal is scored every 34.7 minutes and 46% of the time both teams score. This association also has the second highest error rate per match with 27.09, causing the match to be stopped more than once.

Meanwhile in CONCACAF, a goal is scored every 28.1 minutes. During the history of FIFA, their teams scored an average of 2.7 times and an average of 2.52 goals. Out of every 100 chances, he scored 28 goals. Among the teams still in the competition, Canada has the best conversion rate at 36%.

Federations of Asia and Africa have the same values. The AFC averages 2.26 goals expected, 2.1 goals per game and a conversion rate of 25%. The choice with the highest conversion rate is Australia at 44%. Remember that since 2006, Australia has been part of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), a change in quest to raise the bar for their playing.

“(Australia) is now the most competitive in the region. They have more and more teams in their professional league, and they have a very good structure for the future,” analyzes Luis Fernandez, CEO of Under Data.

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Throughout the knockout period, a goal is scored every 28.3 minutes in AFC matches, but only 33% of the time both teams score.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has a predicted average goal score of 2.28, 2.04 goals per match and a conversion rate of 24 out of 100. Equatorial Guinea is the best in this region at 50%. CAF had the longest period between goals scored all season, with a goal every 39.8 minutes and an average of 39 fouls.

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