YouTube has started testing the automatic dubbing system on some of its videos: what languages ​​are available?

YouTube announced the addition of a file AI dubbing tool, with the goal of enabling platform content creators to expand their reach and reach new audiences. This feature is already being tested with “hundreds” of YouTubers.

The system used for the dubbing function belongs to Loud, a service that’s part of Google’s experimental incubator. Although it is already available, the company did not detail which YouTubers have it available or when it will be launched for all users.

In October last year, Canadian channel Linus Tech Tips began testing Aloud’s technology for automatic dubbing of its videos, providing the option to select audio in Spanish. The audio heard in the videos was created in a neutral Latin Spanish.

After those first tests, YouTube has started enabling this technology for some creatorswhich will be able to present its content in different languages ​​without having to create different channels or dedicate resources to dubbing the same videos.

How does the YouTube dubbing system work?

Aloud creates a transcript of the audio track for each video, and The creator who uploaded it can review it for text validation Otherwise, modify as necessary. Once this is done, the tool creates the subtitles and dubbing that will be applied to the publication as an additional audio track.

currently, Dubbing is only available in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. However, Aloud’s intention is to offer more languages ​​in the future.

The option to dub YouTube videos is available in Spanish.

Also, one of the goals for 2024 is to make dubbed tracks more like the original voices in videos, better in sync and sound more expressive. Very popular YouTube channels, such as those of the Amoeba Sisters and Marques Brownlee, offer videos dubbed in Spanish.

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If the video platform detects that the user watching is in a Spanish-speaking country, it defaults to the dubbed audio track, although it can also be chosen from the player’s configuration options.

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