Does Rescue Me End on Netflix? Without Jorge Javier Vasquez

Announcement of cancellation Save me It was such a big surprise a few weeks ago that they even wanted to organize a demonstration to prevent it. 14 years later, media group He made this decision to put in its place a new form introduced by Ana Rosa Quintana. It seems that the program is not going to die completely: it is now known for sure TV factory I managed to sign a deal with Netflix. It will include eight of his most prominent assistants. Belen Esteban, Kiko Matamoros, Lydia Lozano, Kiko Hernandez, Terelo Campos, Victor Sandoval, Maria Patiño and Cello García Cortesare the eight collaborators who will take part in the adventure.

in the middle of this week The agreement between the platform and the producer for which Selvam will be adapted has been officially signed. According to sources close to the project CountryAnd It does not yet have an exact name, nor is the number of births laid down known. It is known that the reality show will travel across the United States and Latin America with TV personalities, who will try to find other routes and goals. In addition, the director is also from Sálvame, David Valdeperas. The core of the program will continue to coexist with its characters and “script”.

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