Ximena Capristo spoke about the alarming health condition of Silvina Luna: “She is a fighter”

Ximena Capristo spoke about Silvina Luna’s health (Video: Intruders. America)

Jimena Capristo Correctness is indicated Silvina Moon Who was hospitalized in the italian hospital for two months due to four hypercalcemia caused by the plastic surgeries she underwent with the doctor Hannibal Lutoki in 2011 and caused kidney failure. “It’s there, going up and down all the time. I can’t say it’s right or wrong Sometimes you hear barbaric voices like when they said it was under the tube and it wasn’t there,” the spokesperson explained in an interview with the programme intruders (America).

“She’s in treatment,” the couple said, “and she was scheduled to go into the operating room to change the valve where the medication is given, and they had to change it because it became infected.” Gustavo Conte. It’s not that he came and was dying. You also have to bring peace of mind to the people who follow you… It’s a long process that requires patience. We’re on that side, she knows she’s contained, and she knows she has a group of friends,” the former reality show member explained. Big brother.

Jimena Capristo and Silvina Luna

“She’s conscious and gives directions, she talks, she’s vulnerable and everything, but she talks, she’s the one. He wants to leave (from the hospital), but he can’t, and he has to stay until he’s done with the assessment. She has time to go, she’s a fighter and she really wants to live. She was Always a healthy woman and it happened to her as a result of the operation (which Lutoki performed), that we don’t know what it is, ”closes Capristo.

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In the series of shows they keep giving some news about Luna Palette. journalist Alejandro Guate He was at the door of the Italian and confirmed that there is no official information nor a medical report, because the family prefers to keep confidentiality. your colleague Paul Laius He said, “She is complex, her condition is serious, and when she has a problem it is alarming because of the situation she is in. She is very ill.”

In addition, the committee member explained that the form is contained, especially from a psychological point of view, so that she does not lose her strength and continue to fight for her recovery. the driver florence in He added information: “One of the disturbing points is the mood and a certain state of anxiety.” Layus explained that this type of reaction is very common because she has been in hospital for a long time and has health problems.

“Going back into (intensive) therapy was bad, but she knows it’s better,” the presenter explained intruders. “She’s going through a difficult time Because they fight bacteria, he takes many antibiotics, I take three different ones and it causes stomach pains, The issue of food is difficult for him. Excess medication to combat these bacteria, Fleur added, makes them very sensitive.”

Finally, the driver asked that they continue to pray for her speedy recovery, since Silvina’s condition is still critical and progress is slow. Many friends send her audios and it helps her a lot. All the people who like her can send her messages.” asked Florencia de la Fe. It must be remembered that on Monday also the journalist Ángel de Brito requested a series of prayers for Silvina on his social networks.

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