World Mobile is launching on Google Play for customers in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States

Decentralized Wireless Network Operator (DeWi); mobile World, advertisement Launching its app on Google Play for users in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Tanzania on August 22.

The launch follows a series of beta tests conducted in several markets that are often considered underserved in terms of mobile connectivity and availability, such as Kenya, Mozambique and Nigeria. World Mobile is also available in Zanzibar.

According to World Mobile, DeWi’s services aim to bridge the gap between large telecom operators and underserved markets. It does this by providing some communication services and by promoting a blockchain-based exchange system that it supports through its own token, WMT, and listing other Cardano-based tokens.

As Cointelegraph reported recently, World Mobile uses a combination of existing infrastructure and alternative technical solutions to serve users. In some regions, for example, the company claims to have taken advantage of “TV white space” to send and receive data over unused broadcast TV spectrum. In other cases, it has adapted SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service for use by mobile customers.

according to mobile World, The latest version of the app will be released on Google Play, although some features may not be available due to geographical restrictions:

It is important to note that although this release offers a number of exciting features, not all features will be available globally due to different regulatory frameworks in different countries.

And in related news, World Mobile also has it announce Partnership with robotics and artificial intelligence company SingularityNET.

According to the World Mobile blog, the two companies will work together to develop and manage customer care solutions for the World Mobile platform.

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The post also notes that the association will explore an AI and blockchain-based lending and credit approval service that “adapts to users’ payment history and reputation.”

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