Who owns it and how much money it owns Mexico newscast

Netflix is a company dedicated to entertainment and a platform for flow American, which allows its users to watch movies and series through a device connected to the Internet. trade markover the past few years, has gained worldwide fame and, accordingly, millions of subscribers, which translates into profit.

The company specializes in servicing flow, which was established on August 29, 1997, and is currently mainly led by one person; However, unlike other businessmen and millionaires, such as Elon MuskAnd Netflix owners are not exposed to public opinion.

So, here at the news We tell you who owns Netflix and how much they are worth.

Who is the owner of Netflix?

It should be noted that Netflix is ​​mainly owned by one of its founders: Reed Hastings, who currently continues to run the companywhich has gone through several transformations since 1997, going from a DVD rental focus to the streaming service we’re all familiar with.

Who is Reed Hastings and how much is his net worth?

Reed Hastings Businessman / The New York Times

Wilmot Reed Hastings was born in Boston, Massachusetts., on October 8, 1960. He is an entrepreneur and philanthropist best known for being the co-founder and current owner of Netflix. He studied at Cambridge and was a member of the US Navy. United State.

specializing in the study of mathematics, Reed Hastings, before Netflix, used to work at Adaptive Technology, Where he stood out in creating a program that detects errors and removes them. However, he left that company to set up his own company, Pure Software, which was later joined by Atria Software, making way for Pure Atria, whose shares declined after management moves.

It should be noted that Reed Hastings’ meeting with the company’s other co-founder, Mark Bernays-Randolph, occurred when Pure Atria bought the latter’s insurance company. Together, and thanks to the hours spent traveling, they began to develop the idea of ​​what would become Netflix years later.

In 1998, Hastings and Randolph founded Netflix It was designed as a fixed-rate mail-order movie rental company for US customers. Since then, the company has grown to reach revenues, in 2023, of $8,187 million.

Currently, according to ForbesAnd Reed Hastings has a net worth of $4 billion. This money places him in the 704th richest people in the world.

Meanwhile, Mark Randolph, co-founder of Netflix He left the company in 2002, because he preferred to continue to encourage young entrepreneurs, leaving Hastings as sole CEO. His current wealth is not known.

Who is Mark Randolph, co-founder and former CEO of Netflix?

Mark Randolph / Facebook Mark Randolph

Mark Bernays Randolph was born on April 29, 1958 in New York. He is an entrepreneur and founding investor in 50 startups. He is also a fourth generation descendant of Sigmund Freud.

During his early years, he worked at the National Overseas Leadership School, a place that seeks to train leaders where he became one of the youngest coaches at just 14 years old. Later, he studied geology at Hamilton College in New York. but, His first job after graduation was at Cherry Lane Music. Where to learn marketing.


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