28 years after the debut of Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks and Robin Wright return to cinema directed by Robert Zemeckis

In 1995, the film forrest gump dedicated to Tom Hanks With the second Academy Award for Best Actor, after winning in 1993 the first prize Philadelphia. The classic, released in 1994, swept awards. Nearly three decades after the movie’s releaseWhich has appeared on various platforms and is still broadcast on television on some occasions, the protagonist and his colleague Robin Wrightthey met again with the director, Robert Zemeckis, to return to the big screen. Details of the new project that unites them.

Forrest Gump conquered the hearts of viewers in the 1990s, when he came to the cinema for the film based on the 1986 novel by Winston Grum, who died in 2020. But not only that: his book became a best-selling and read.

Forrest Gump premiered in 1994 (Image: Video Capture)

The film, which was shot in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, was critically acclaimed and It didn’t take long for it to be successful..

The actors will be sharing a movie again (Image: AP-Instagram/@robinwright)
The actors will be sharing a movie again (Image: AP-Instagram/@robinwright)

Such was the popularity of a classic that, after nearly three decades, Robert ZemeckisAnd the The director of the film decided to reunite the two heroes for new production.

it’s about over hereAnd the A tape that tours the history of mankind, from the emergence of the earth to its extinction. In this context, he also debunks various accounts dealing with the lives of Native Americans and settlers, pre-human times and imagined species in the future and the past; As revealed by the specialized site Limit.

Forrest Gump was released in 1994.

Although many details of the film have yet to be released, it is known that it is expected to hit theaters in 2023. It is based on the 2014 graphic novel by Richard McGuire, who appears as a screenwriter in the new project. He’s been making it for 15 years, after releasing a short video in 1989 with the same idea.

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One of the most prominent features is that It will focus on one location, located in New England, which will first appear as a desert and gradually turn into a home for different generations. between family and romantic relationships, He will experience love, loss, hope and struggle.

a) yes, Hanks and Wright will once again become a movie star on the big screen28 years after success forrest gump. To reunite the actors and the director is also added to the screenwriter Eric Roth.

Paul Bettany will co-star here.
Paul Bettany will co-star here.Instagram: paulbettany

The mentioned outlet recently revealed other details about the much-awaited movie: Actor Paul Bettany will appear as a co-star. As it turned out during a preview of Cannes in May, the production of Image Movers will be responsible for Sony Pictures to promote in the United States and Miramax, on the international stage.

Zemeckis has worked with Hanks on several occasions: wrecked ship [2000]And the electrode articulation [2004] And the new version of Pinocchio, from Disney+. For his part, Bettany recently appeared in the lead role in WandaVision [Marvel]which earned her an Emmy nomination, while Wright enjoyed her role as Claire Underwood. house of paper.

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