Incibe launches a free course to learn how to protect your Android mobile phone

If, in light of the latest news about cybercriminal attacks and scams, you are interested in knowing how to use your mobile phone in the safest way possible, then this course is for you. Spain's National Cybersecurity Institute, INCIBE, announced on May 6 the launch of a course on protecting Android smartphones in… MOOCThat is: free, open and online.

This is the first edition of this initiative through which Incibe aims to raise awareness among the population about the need for protection in the digital environment. “This course will be very useful for any user interested in developing good user habits Android devicesAnd learn how to avoid risks and threats that may occur on a daily basis,” the General Authority points out.

With a basic or general level, it is an ideal course for those who have not yet read much about cybersecurity, privacy or information security. The course will be Available from May 13 to June 24. Although it started on the 13th of this month, it usually has the advantage of allowing people to register at any time and complete the form. turn At your own pace, yes, with a deadline of June 24 to access its contents.

The course, divided into nine modules, will review the following topics:

  • Protect your device
  • Protect the information stored on it
  • Manage strong passwords
  • Known MalwareMethods of infection, risks and threats to devices
  • Protect you from threats
  • Take reactive measures
  • Learn about wireless communications features and configurations
  • How to get secure apps on your devices
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According to Incibe, the course is estimated at 10 long hoursto be implemented within a maximum period 6 weeks. So the positive side is that it does not consume much time, and the bad part is that the organization will not issue certificates for attending the course. However, nothing prevents the course from being mentioned in the syllabus to demonstrate interest in this subject which has such importance in the current context.

An opportunity to learn for free

The course will be aimed at basic level users over the age of 14 who use their devices on a daily basis, so the course will likely provide very useful resources and tips to consider in the apps we use on a daily basis. basis today, from Internet browsers to social networks.

It would be interesting if an initiative like this received significant support from the public, because if so, this would encourage the Center to replicate projects like this in the future, and be able to expand it to start offering higher level training. To access the course, it is necessary to register on the Incibe portal. To access or create an account, you can go to this link.

Cybersecurity capabilities are among the most sought after and necessary today, as there are hundreds of criminal groups in cyberspace trying to take advantage of any data leakage, negligence on the part of users, and social engineering to deceive the most vulnerable users.

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