Very similar and at the same time completely different from XCOM: see what’s new from the creators of Mutant Year Zero

XCOM is a reference. It’s hard to talk about the kind of role-playing tactics without talking about them…but there is life beyond Veraxes. Mutant Year Zero has shown it to us, and now Miasma Chronicles, its spiritual successor, will do so. I played it and it looks great.

you may know year zero mutantGame Strategy based on tactical role We analyzed it four years ago in the magazine. His approach was similar to that of a famous brand XCOMSeasoned only with a strong hidden charge. It was quite original, because it was also surrounded by freedom of exploration, with different interconnected game areas and some of the most engaging characters. naturally, different approach That has become more than just an alternative.

Why do I tell you all this? Because Swedish developer The Bearded Ladies is back with a new video game, and it reminds me a lot of what they did back then. Miasma records It is also a turn based strategy with RPG elements, so much so that it can be considered a spiritual successor. It doesn’t share a plot, and it seems the universe doesn’t, either. In addition, there are a few things that change in play, and in fact I have come to realize more depth regarding his previous project. Apparently the studio was very happy with the genre and wanted to exploit its potential (now with the lesson learned). The result is a title that I’ve actually been able to test for about an hour, verifying not only that it’s top quality, but that it can become a worthy actor for tactical turns when it arrives sometime the next day. 2023. Then I tell you everything you can expect, which is not a little…

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Quality Tactical Strategy

Miasma Chronicles puts us in a post-apocalyptic future, and we have destroyed what is known as the water. The scenarios you have experienced are affected by this strange force for which we must find answers. with who? With our protagonist, sure Elvis Which is equipped with a fuzzy glove, which has the ability to control the mucous membrane. He is always accompanied by his older brother, a robot who acts as a partner in adventures … and also in tactical confrontations (because we will deal with both).

The starting point looks amazing to me, and he enjoys the little I have been able to play Very successful setup. It is noticeable that the environments we visit are affected in one way or another by mizma, and in many cases are dilapidated or dilapidated. The enemies we face are like mutants and have an imposing design. In particular, I came across a few humanized frogs, with tribal motifs and bows and arrows as weapons. It’s a great environment, but it also has a lot of character.

Obviously, the studio was very happy with the genre and wanted to exploit its potential.But as much as I love the art style, what I appreciate the most is the great amount of free exploration that is included. You can go through all the environments, and do so without too much haste, which allows you to plan each battle before it happens. As in Mutant Year Zero, There are sneak elements, but I think this time it’s not central to the experience. It’s all to test the game over to check out the tone, but on the playable stuff I can already tell you the scheme works like a charm. You can use cover and move between different heights and take advantage of a large catalog of weapons, including grenades and other accessories.

Miasma Chronicles PS5

In fact, it seems that This time the accent was put on progress, enhancing the number of upgradable weapons, as well as incorporating skills to match the fascinating and futuristic environment in which we find ourselves. I have a lot to check out, as I’ve stayed on the video game deck, but the feeling is that it’s going to be very resounding “more and better” compared to the Swedish company’s previous work.

Of course, my first contact with Miasma Chronicles was very satisfying. Even if it is too early to speak, I feel the intention of getting close to the spirit of XCOM, with more action, but without departing from the subtle and free-spirited tone of exploration that characterized Mutant Year Zero. Reaching this compromise is perhaps the goal of the Swedish study, but to verify this we will have to wait until next year. For my part, I can only say that it has enough quality to become one of the standards of the genre for next year, and I think that is no understatement.

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