Wildlife confiscation on a farm in Cañada de Gómez

Animal surveillance and inspection personnel at the Ministry of Production, Science and Technology participated Thursday in Cañada de Gómez to search for a farm that is using, possibly as a hunting ground, an illegal figure in Santa Fe County. Types of cervids.

With the prior intervention of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Judicial Department No. 6 in Cañada de Gómez, in charge of Dr. Gabriela Lescano, and in cooperation with police officers of the Criminal Investigation Agency of the aforementioned city and environmental crime officers in the southern region, specializing in capturing and caring for this kind of animals , Undersecretaries were present, along with the prosecutor in the case, under the reason for violating Regional Animal Law Number 4830 and National Law 22421 for the illegal possession of animals. Wildlife and others.

Although the cervix is ​​in a less important category in terms of its state of preservation, The owner has also locked in a strip of field felines of puma species, which are prohibited from possession and marketing Because it is a protected indigenous species Through regional and national legislation.

With the expertise and experience of the animal handling staff, the commissioners set out to prepare an offense and confiscate the species, to be transferred to the district center for the reception and rehabilitation of wildlife Granja La Esmeralda, located in Santa Fe.

Regional regulations prohibit the possession, marketing and transit of wild animals, as the General Sub-Directorate of Ecology of the Ministry of Production, Science and Technology is the enforcement agency that regulates these activities.

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